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Spooky Halloween window decorations

So, it’s that time of year again when Halloween window decorations are brought out from the cupboard ready for fright night. With all manner of ghoulish and ghostly artwork available to adorn your windows, let’s take a look at some of the most popular homemade designs:

Bloody Candles

For this you will need –

  • tall white taper candles
  • tall red taper candles
  • black candle holders
  • lighter, matches or batteries

This effect works just as well with either real candles or LED powered candles. Take a red candle, light it and drip some of the red wax over the white candle, giving the beastly impression of dripping blood. Stand 3 candles together in the window, and to add a little more excitement use candles with remote control, so you can surprise all those trick or treaters coming past the window.

Spider Window Webs

Always a favourite when creating a spooky Halloween atmosphere, we have two very different, but equally as effective ideas.

The first is a spider curtain, for which you will need –

  • Lace, or net curtain or white sheet (1-ft wide x window length)
  • Hot glue
  • Plastic spiders

Hang the net curtain, lace or sheet over the existing curtain rail, leaving it hanging down at each side and scooping down about one foot in the middle of the window, like a valance. Using glue, attach the plastic spiders to the sheet, making it an arachnophobes nightmare!

Cobweb and Corks

You will need –

  • corks
  • pipe cleaners
  • bath loofah or pouf as sometimes known
  • googly eyes
  • glue

Take the corks and paint them black. Cut a pipe cleaner in eight parts and attach to the cork as legs. Use the glue again to stick on the eyes. Open up the bath loofah and stretch the net across the window frame, attaching with either a staple gun, blue tack or sellotape. Attach the spiders to the net by the feet, intertwining them in the mesh of the loofah material.

Peeping Ghost

Halloween simply wouldn’t be Halloween without a ghoulish ghost lurking around. To create a peeping ghost, you will need –

  • large white paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • tape

Either draw or stencil a ghost onto the paper and then cutout the outline, eyes and mouth. Make sure the eyes are round and the mouth is oval (as in a screaming shape). Tape the ghost at an angle so he looks as if he is peeping from inside. This idea works just as well with black paper, as it gives the impression on a ghostly silhouette. To accentuate the ghostly window place a chain of pumpkins underneath the window sill.

As well as arts and crafts, window paint is a great way to transform a window for a truly terrifying Halloween.

You will need –

  • spooky design, either stencil or freehand
  • clean, dry, window
  • poster or window paint
  • assorted sizes of brushes
  • cotton buds and water (for errors)
  • masking tape, to protect the window ledge

Painting the design directly onto the window isn’t difficult, however, remember that if you are writing spooky slogans you have to write backwards so people outside can read them. TI TEG ? Finally, if you’re a little concerned that you may be ruining your windows, use poster paint. As Mooky Chick blog says poster paint washes right off of windows with a little soap and water.

Photo by Andy Phelan