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Halloween décor ideas for your porch

With Halloween almost here, it’s the perfect time to give your porch a festive makeover. Get in the holiday spirit by adding some spooky décor to your front door, windows, and entryway. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Creepy curb appeal

Pumpkin porchWhen you think of Halloween décor for the porch, you probably think of pumpkins. Carving a pumpkin has been a tradition for centuries and it’s a great way of celebrating the holiday. That being said, there are ways to make this idea your own. One option is to buy multiple pumpkins in different sizes and create a ‘crowd’ of lit up faces.

You could even use different types of squash. A mixture of pumpkins, marrows, and butternut squash would make a fantastic display. Remember, carving a face into your pumpkin isn’t the only option. You could create a squash lantern with zigzag patterns, stars, or polka dots. The options are endless!

Create a spooky atmosphere in your entryway by hanging up a few fake cobwebs. Drape them across your canopy or above the doorway. This way, guests will notice them when they go to ring the bell. You could also add a witch’s broomstick, propped up beside the door. For an extra twist, place some plastic spiders in the cobwebs and around the bristles of the broom.

Eerie front door

Create a spooky first impression by decorating your front door with some Halloween props. If you have windows in your door, try sticking a transfer of some creepy eyes onto the glass. Another option is to hang an eerie gauze curtain behind the windows. If your door doesn’t have windows, you could hang the gauze inside your hallway.

For something a little more decorative, how about a cute, Halloween themed curtain? Sheer black fabric, with coloured stars, spiders, or witch’s hats would work well. Visit your local haberdashery store and see what they have available. If you really want to go ‘all out’, how about a temporary Halloween doorbell? These are available in a huge range of designs and will say a ‘scary’ phrase when your guests press the button.

Spooky windows

Window décor is a great way of making your house stand out from a distance. One option is to stick spooky silhouettes to the window. These are available to buy from the shops, or you could even try making your own out of black paper. Create the shapes of ghosts, bats, or even a creepy forest. Then turn on the lights inside your house to illuminate the silhouettes. This idea is great for parties, as the shapes will mix with the real silhouettes of your guests.

If you’re feeling gruesome, how about some ‘bloody’ window clings? These are jelly-like shapes which cling temporarily to your windows, then peel off. Blood splatters or bloody handprints are always very effective.

If you’re looking for something more tasteful, how about some cute window signs? You could wish ‘Happy Halloween’ to passers by, or name your home ‘The Witch’s Cottage’. Again, signs like these can be found in lots of shops during October but you could also have fun making your own.

[Photos by howliekat and PublicDomainPictures]