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Your guide to aluminium windows

When it comes to upgrading the curb appeal, improving the energy efficiency and even increasing the value of your home, your windows have a huge part to play. But with countless window types, materials and finishes, selecting windows that complement the look and feel of your property and best suit your budget isn’t easy.

As leading installers of quality PVC-U and aluminium windows, we provide the very best, impartial advice when it comes to adding the right windows to your property. Our aluminium windows are a particularly popular choice, and offer a wide range of advantages, particularly when compared with other window types. In this post, we provide a definitive guide to aluminium windows, so you can buy with confidence and clarity.

An introduction to aluminium windows

Thanks to their slim profiles, durability and low maintenance, aluminium windows have become a favourite for residential and commercial buildings alike. A top choice for architects and homeowners, aluminium provides a timeless, strong and distinctive option for modern buildings. Traditional properties will also benefit from the use of aluminium windows, with the adaptability of aluminium designs lending itself well to buildings of all eras.

Whether you are upgrading the windows of a modern or traditional property, aluminium windows give you all you need to complement your home whilst unlocking the benefits of modern windows.

The pros and cons of aluminium window installation

As with any window type, there are advantages and disadvantages that go hand-in-hand with choosing aluminium windows.

Aluminium windows are particularly durable, meaning whatever the great British weather throws at you, your windows will stand the test of time. Thanks to their resilience, aluminium windows require very little maintenance to stay free from corrosion. There’s no need to repaint or polish frames annually, all that’s needed is a wipe with a damp cloth.

Their efficiency is also second to none, with aluminium windows delivering excellent thermal and sound insulation. Cost wise, they are more expensive than PVC-U but are significantly less expensive than wooden frames. This means they offer a great, budget-friendly alternative for owners of period properties.

Aluminium windows do have their disadvantages, however. Whilst designs provide a slim, versatile profile for use on all building types, they are often considered less attractive than wooden windows.

Despite their long lifespan, aluminium windows do rust over time. For properties in particularly cool climates, aluminium windows may lose heat and cause interior condensation.

Choosing the best aluminium windows for your home

If you’ve decided to install aluminium windows, you’ll need to choose the best design and quality for your home. Our experts are there to assist you in the selection process. They pay particular attention to the look and quality of the finish. Ensuring the build quality of your aluminium windows is vital too, as explained in this Homebuilding & Renovating article:

“The way the window is put together can vary a lot from one supplier to the next. For example, when it comes to composite systems – which combine two materials, usually timber on the inside and aluminium externally – ensure that the external and internal frame elements are distinct (rather than, for instance, comprising a wooden frame clad on to an aluminium skin). Also ask where the key elements originated and where they were actually manufactured.”

Quality aluminium windows are just a click or call away. Contact our team to discuss your requirements.