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Planning on having new double or triple glazed windows installed? 

Before you go ahead and sign up, it’s a good idea to check whether or not you are eligible for a grant of some sort. There are many available these days, throughout the UK. 

National energy efficiency sites, including your local authority, often have postcode checking facilities where you’ll be able to learn quickly what financing is available in your area or country.

Most of these grants, or loan schemes, come under the banner of improving the energy efficiency of your home to help you save money on heating. Others are listed under environmental improvements.

And it’s not just council tenants or private landlords who can benefit. Homeowners can also be entitled to financial help. 

Why windows?

Double-glazing is one of the most energy-efficient technologies available these days. When you have new double or triple uPVC windows installed in your home you’ll be preventing mould and condensation from appearing on your windows. 

You’ll also find your new windows are easy to clean and are built to last a lifetime (in fact, many installers boast the durability of two lifetimes – or 140 years).

National window grants available

The Green Homes Grant

This scheme – for home energy improvements – provides access of up to £10,000. It is for both double or triple glazing and it’s simply a case of filling out the questionnaire on the website to find out if you’re eligible.

The Energy Company Obligation

If your energy bills seem far more expensive than those of your friends, family or neighbours, then check out this scheme. That’s because it’s for people whose energy suppliers are deemed to be charging them too much. It can cover windows (if they’re not doing their job i.e. are inefficient). It’s also for insulation in general. Look up the Energy Company Obligation page of your supplier’s website.

Various grants

If you qualify for certain fuel allowances then you may also get help with your window installations. This is dependent on your financial circumstances and what your local authority is offering.

How to find a decent window installer

Imagine going to the bother of getting a grant approved and then having a shoddy window installation. You can make sure this doesn’t happen to you by ensuring from the start that the company you choose is reliable. Do this by checking that the company you are considering offers:

  • A guarantee. Look for a guarantee of a minimum of five years, but preferably a decade.
  • Free survey. The structure of your home together with your local authority regulations can all affect the type of windows you can have. Because of this, a survey beforehand is essential. This should be offered free.
  • Good choice. Make sure your window supplier has a good range from which you can choose. This indicates they have a good relationship with quite a few manufacturers in the industry and, in turn, a good reputation.

@OnoEnergy: “In England and Wales, choose an installer who’s registered with one of the official Competent Person schemes. These installers will give you a certificate that states your new windows have been fitted in compliance with regulations. 

“In Scotland, each local authority has a building standards office. Check with them first to see whether you need a building warrant for your new windows.”

If you’re considering having double or triple glazing installed and would like to learn about grant funding available then do get in touch with the team here