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Get your conservatory ready for summer – from cleaning to staging

Though conservatories are practical and stylish spaces throughout the year, they really come into their own in the summer time. Creating a unique connection between your home and garden, providing a relaxing place for friends and family to socialise and filling your home with light, conservatories help you to make the most of the summer season.

As most conservatories are used heavily throughout May, June, July and August, it’s well worth putting the time and effort in now to ensure yours is ready. From cleaning and accessorising to taking care of running repairs, spring is the perfect opportunity to whip your conservatory into shape.


Unless you’ve managed to stay on top of the cleaning throughout the winter, your conservatory could probably do with a spring clean. Take all the furniture out, take down the curtains or blinds, remove the plants and give the space a good scrub. Your conservatory will probably only require this type of deep clean once or twice a year, so it’s well worth doing a thorough job.


When all of the furnishings and accessories are out of your conservatory, it’s the perfect opportunity to check to see if the space needs any repairs. Though most modern conservatories are built to last, occasionally you may find a panel needs replacing, a floor tile is chipped or the windows and doors aren’t closing as they should.


If you want to give your conservatory a new look for the new year, a few fresh furnishings will do the trick. Invest in comfortable sofas or chairs for the space, or kit your conservatory out with a dining table and give the space a whole new purpose. As @Carpetright points out, “Another popular look in a conservatory is the use of some natural products such as bamboo or wicker with the aim of bringing the outdoors inside and making the entire room feel like an extension of the garden.”


The accessories you place in your conservatory will have a big impact on the look and feel of the space. Flowers and plants are an obvious choice for a stylish summer look. Choose plants that like hot temperatures and species that don’t drop their leaves, for a successful indoor display. To really make an impact with your plants and flowers, choose small trees, tall cacti and other species with height and colour, this will help to make the botanical accessories a defining element of the space and give it a whole new look.

If you’re thinking about investing in a conservatory this summer, we have an exceptional choice of products to choose from. Take a look through our gallery or get in touch to find out more.