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Front door decoration ideas for Christmas

You may have already been up in the loft and hauled down last year’s Christmas decorations ready to hang. But, if you fancy doing something a little different with your outside festive display this year, then we have a few DIY ideas for your front door right here. 

Apart from hanging a wreath there, the front door is an area that is often neglected (you’re not going to string lights upon it, after all). So, to make sure that doesn’t happen this year, why not try some of the following cheap and cheerful front door Christmas decoration ideas? Your front door is the first thing guests are going to see when they arrive at your home this Christmas after all.

Ice Skates hanging

Have a pair of vintage ice skates in your loft or hut? Then dust them down, give them a clean and string them up with bright red Christmas ribbons. Fill them with pine cones and some green pine boughs. And talking of pine cones…

Pinecone hanging

To make this chic pine cone bundle, forage for around eight large pine cones and buy eight two-foot-long pieces of silk ribbon. With glue, attach the last couple of inches of each ribbon to the base of a pine cone. Get all the ribbon ends together and stagger them so that the pine calls fall at different lengths. Tie the top ribbon ends together and slip over a hanging nail. 

Olive wreath

Add a wreath with a difference to your door in this time of peace and goodwill for all, by replacing the fir branches with olive leaves. It’s just as pretty and will prove a real talking point as most people won’t have a clue what they are. If you can’t find real olive branches, then use fake olive leaves.

Snowman wreath

Get three bare wreaths of different sizes and attach them together with wire so that they hang down like hoops and resemble the head, belly and base of a snowman. Decorate the top wreath with a hat and tie a festive scarf round the ‘neck’ area. Yes, it really is that simple. Now hang your snowman to the door and wait for the delight of passing kids.

@SweetLBB: “For doors that scratch easily, you may want to line the back of the wreath with cloth or felt. I suggest using matching green fabric or felt and attaching it with a glue gun.”

Wooden snowflake

Create a large snowflake hanging with some distressed wood or get ordinary wood, paint it white or with some other chalk paint, and give it a distressed, shabby chic effect.

Winter wonderland door

If your door has a glass top half, with lots of little square windows, then fill these with Scandi-style snowflakes (made from wood and which can be bought as Christmas tree ornaments).

Christmas door gift

Wrap your front door so that it resembles a Christmas present. Just buy four yards of red fabric and a big silver or gold bow. 

Measure the width of your front door, and cut a piece of fabric with an extra couple of inches added onto that number. Doubled over the fabric and tape it on each end of the door. Do the same for the length of the door. Using duct tape at the side of the door, attach the fabric. Next, add the bow in the centre where both pieces of fabric crossover. Voila! Do the same with the garage door for some real curb appeal.