Feng Shui and Harnessing the Power of your Front Door

The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui involves arranging your furniture, ornaments and other objects in the home so that they create balance. This, in turn, brings you harmony with the natural world. When you harness the energy forces in your home, according to Feng Shui, you will feel healthy and happy and have more positive opportunities in life. Here are some philosophies for your front door and entrance area:

Use your front door

Sometimes we can get into the habit of just using the back or the side door and leaving the front door for visitors; in Feng Shui, that’s a mistake. They call the entrance to your home the ‘mouth of qi’ and the entrance for positive energy to flow through. By not using it, you block out that energy. To retain it, get into the habit of using your front door daily.

Make a smooth pathway

How does the entrance to your front door look, i.e. the trail up your garden path? Make sure it’s clean, and any plant growth is tidy so that it doesn’t sprawl onto the pathway. Trailing plants should also be trimmed, so they don’t obscure the house name or number. If people can’t find your front door, then opportunities may not arise either. A clear path allows qi to easily reach your front door.

Keep it light

To be seen with clarity, it’s important to keep the front door entrance area light, says Feng Shui guidance. This means making sure lighting fixtures in the hall area are free of dust and, if there are windows in the door or either side of it, then even better. The lighting doesn’t have to be extra bright, but it does need to have the potential for clear seeing.

Get rid of the clutter

The front door area is one where shoes, coats, bags, sportswear and parcels to be mailed all tend to get dumped. This creates clutter. And clutter is tiring to look at. It depletes energy according to Feng Shui principles to the extent that it closes off the area for good to enter. So, clear it all up and ban the family from leaving stuff there. Give the area a good clean regularly too.

Get the right colour

What about the colour of your front door? In Feng Shui, there is a list of colours which bring about a positive state, but it also depends on the location of your home, i.e. whether it is north or south facing etc. 

  • Black – social connection
  • Blue – serenity
  • Green – calming
  • Grey – sophistication
  • White – peace
  • Red – warmth
  • Brown – nurturing

Keep the hardware clean

Your door’s hardware, i.e. handles, letterbox, bell or door knocker, should all be kept sparkling clean and in good condition. A squeaky front door, or one that sticks, doesn’t bode well for positive energy making its way into your home. It’s also frustrating for your family whenever they have to open the door. And if it’s happening every time you use the door, then that can make you increasingly weary over time.