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Can you get double glazing that looks like wood?

The short answer to this question is “yes.” You can certainly have double glazing that resembles wood – often to the extent that it’s difficult to tell that it’s not. 

That’s because the windows are produced using a durable wood grain effect foil finish. Better still, they can be manufactured in a whole range of different wood looks. Or they can be painted to recreate the more rustic look. 

These new wood-look double glazing windows have opened up far more choices to people whose homes are located in conservation areas, or who have a listed building status on their property. Even homeowners who don’t have these restrictions are increasingly opting for these timber-effect windows today because they love the authentic feel.

Benefits of wood-effect timber windows

Lower energy bills

These double-glazed windows with the appearance of wood have all the benefits of traditional uPVC double glazing. That means they’ll retain heat, keep out cold, prevent condensation and essentially, reduce utility bills. They’ll also cut back on your home’s carbon footprint which, in these days of global warming, is also an important choice.

@OVOEnergy: “Making energy-saving improvements to your home can also increase its value. These days, many homebuyers take a keen interest in the eco-credentials of a house they’re thinking about buying. According to a Government report on property sales, energy-saving improvements could create a 14-38% increase in value.”

Low maintenance

Another benefit is that these timber-effect double glazed windows are also low maintenance. Unlike with real wood, you won’t be required to sand down and repaint your new window frames. A wipe down with warm soapy water now and again will be all that’s required to keep them looking as good as new.


Were you to replace your original timber windows with another set of similar wooden frames, you would be looking at forking out a fortune. With timber-look windows though, you will only be paying a fraction of the cost. And you’ll be recouping the cost of those windows over the years thanks to the reduction in your utility bills because you won’t need to put your heating on quite as frequently.


Genuine wooden frames look fantastic. But they also come with big potential problems. Dampness and dry rot are headaches for homeowners. And, if the dry rot becomes wet rot, then that’s going to hit the purse hard. Then there is the possibility of insect infestations, such as woodworm. And no one wants to have to live with that.

Less noise

Sealed double glazing – whether timber-effect or uPVC – will always reduce external noise, thanks to the fact there are two panes of glass involved with an air cavity in between. For property that is adjacent to a busy road that means a night of much better sleep for householders and less disruption to their everyday home life. So many more of us are now working from home – and will no doubt continue to do so for some time to come, so ensuring a peaceful place to work is another plus point when it comes to windows with double glazing.