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4 things double glazing can reduce – from condensation to the cost of energy bills

Double glazing doesn’t just give your home a cleaner, more cared for feel, it boasts plenty of other benefits too. 

For instance, the very fact your home looks more modern means it’s more likely to sell if you ever put it on the market. Double glazing usually increases the value of a property, especially the new wooden-look double glazing which is becoming extremely popular with homeowners.

Here are four other benefits of double glazing: 

Lower energy bills. This is the ‘big one’ of course-especially these days with energy analysts warning utility bills may increase by 50 per cent in April. 

The reason double glazing keeps the warmth in your home and prevents cold air from getting in is that there are two panes of glass, and these are insulated with a layer of air in between.  Using less energy, of course, means reducing your carbon footprint too.

That insulating effect can also work well in the summer. And we’ve all noticed the British summers getting warmer, thanks to global warming. If you can’t stand the heat, then having double glazing will keep your home cooler too, meaning you’ll be able to drift off to sleep easier at night. It also means you won’t have to use any air conditioning (which, of course, puts up the cost of your utility bills).

Reducing noise pollution is another bonus, especially for your bedroom where you want peace and quiet to help you nod off. Again, the two window panes can help not just muffle, but block out exterior noise completely. And, if you live beside a road (and many of us do), then you will no doubt appreciate the noise-cancelling effect of double glazing in your sitting room too. 

Prevent ‘window fog’. You may have noticed your windows becoming foggy and trickier to see out of when it gets really cold. The reason for this build-up of condensation is that the heat is leaking out of the room. So, not only are you becoming cold and paying more for heating the room, but you can’t even see properly without wiping the windows down first.

Keep the sun out. If you’ve spent a fortune on a lovely sofa, thick fabric curtains and a thick, cosy carpet, then the last thing you want is the sun’s rays coming in and fading it all. For that is indeed the effect that the strong UV rays can have on the interior of our homes. Fit double glazing though and those rays will no longer be a problem. Again, the double effect of glass does the job of preventing the rays from penetrating right through into your sitting room etc.

@EnergySvgTrust: “Before you go ahead and replace your windows though, it’s always a good idea to check with your local authority planning office if: 

  • You live in a conservation area.
  • You have an article 4 direction on your property, removing the right of permitted development.
  • You live in a listed building”

That’s because you may require specific approval to go ahead. 

Replacing your windows can benefit both your home and your back pocket, saving you money on energy bills and protecting your furnishings, making them last longer. Get in touch today to find out more.