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Which door style is right for my home

As the main point of entry into your property, your front door delivers that all-important first impression to friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances visiting your home. Unless you’ve been lucky enough to build your own home and take command of your own design, it is unlikely that you’ve needed to make a decision about the style of your front door to date.

There are so many styles, colours and finishes to choose from but we’re here to make life a little easier for you with a rundown of the door styles you can expect from an expert installer like us. Read on for our advice.

Kensworth & Burcot

Available in three distinct styles and in a range of colours and finishes, our Kensworth and Burcot doors provide a simple and understated look that doesn’t lack character. A great choice for front or back doors, on new and period properties alike, you can take your pick from our Kensworth and Burcot arch, Burcot half glazed and Burcot top arch options.


The half-glazed style is an excellent option for those looking for increased privacy and a statement look that doesn’t restrict light. Again, this style is perfect for modern and period properties with the design emulating traditional Edwardian and Victorian doors.


Available in classical and half glazed, the Marsworth collection is a great option for those looking to add a splash of colour to the front of their home. The classical design uses the six panel finish for a truly traditional touch, whilst the top light offers a higher level of security and privacy. The half-glazed Marsworth also incorporates traditional styling but lets more light into the property, courtesy of two additional glass panels.

Stable doors

An iconic look that certainly won’t go unnoticed, in fact we’re certain that this door style will have your neighbours brimming with envy! Great for rural properties in particular thanks to its style and availability in a selection of heritage colours and finishes, our stable doors are a great way to add some period charm and character to your home.

Flexible, solid and complete with dedicated hinges and locking mechanisms, this cottage style may not be your choice for a front door but should be a serious consideration for those looking to upgrade their back door. Your new stable door could also be the key to reducing the risk of rural theft.


If you own a mews house, contemporary property or country cottage, this single light option is for you. A bestselling door style for properties new and old, our Soulbury door range is secure and stylish. Choose from a diamond, square or rectangle glass panel to customise your look even further.


Whilst all of the door ranges mentioned previously are superb choices for period and modern homes, our Woburn range is clean, crisp, and contemporary. Accessible in a wide range of door light, glass and hardware options, this design certainly makes a statement. Taking inspiration from the art deco era, Woburn doors offer a refined design in a number of finishes and colours.

Want to upgrade your windows and doors?

Many of our customers choose to go the whole hog when upgrading their front doors by opting for complementary window units too. Choosing the right windows and doors to suit the style of your home is important however, as Beth Hunter, blogger at Home Stories A to Z, explains in her blog post:

“Whether it’s feeling a gentle breeze through an open window, basking in the warmth from a skylight on a chilly day, or welcoming guests through a craftsman front door, our home’s windows and doors contribute greatly to our everyday enjoyment! They provide character to our home and connect us to the exterior world. Sure windows and doors provide the practical purpose of keeping out unwanted weather elements, pests, and intruders, but they also frame our views and convey our hospitality.”

Want more information on the door styles mentioned above? Check out our latest door brochure for details.