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Top 5 benefits of a door canopy

From providing shelter to boosting your property’s kerb appeal, door canopies boast a range of practical functions. If you’re thinking about installing one on your home, here are five of the best reasons to get your canopy installed as soon as possible.

1. Shelter

The most popular reason for homeowners to invest in a door canopy is shelter. If you’re fed up with locking your door in the driving rain, or if you want to be able to turn a light on while you search for your key late at night, a door canopy could be just what you’re looking for.

2. Kerb appeal

Done well, a door canopy will make your home’s exterior look more attractive. This is especially important if you’re thinking of selling your home as, like My Homebuilding says “Most buyers will decide if they do not like a property before they even get out of the car and it can be hard to shake off negative first impressions created by a poor or unattractive exterior.” Not only will installing a door canopy give your home an extra touch of style, it will also show buyers your property has been well cared for.

3. Bringing the outside in

As a door canopy offers shelter from the sun, rain and wind, you’ll be able to use the outside space that it protects in almost all weathers. Giving you a handy place to keep your muddy boots while they dry, lean umbrellas in bad weather and enjoy a bit of fresh air in rain or shine, this protected spot increases the usable space of both your home and your garden.

4. Protecting your exterior

Your new door canopy will help to prevent rain, sleet, sun and wind from getting to your front door and your windows. Over time, this will help to protect the exterior of your property from the elements and will slow the rate at which it degrades.

5. Energy saving

Although it won’t have a huge impact on your energy bills, your new door canopy will help you to save a little bit of money. In the summer months, the canopy will prevent the worst of the direct sun from hitting your windows and heating up your home. In the winter, it should help to block some of the draughts, keeping your property that little bit warmer.

To learn more about the benefits of door canopies, or to find out about the styles available, contact a member of the Unicorn Windows team.