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You may already know what you’d like your new door to look like, but have you thought about all the features that separate a good door from a great one?

Whether it’s your front door, patio or bi-folding doors, your new doors will need to meet various standards to make sure they keep you and your family safe as well as warm and comfortable at home.

Here explore what you should look for when shopping for a new door. You’ll want to pick a door that gives a positive first impression but also enhances other features such as energy efficiency and increases your home security.

What are the signs of a superior quality door?

  • Looks great and in keeping with the rest of your home
  • High security with suitable locking mechanics
  • Is well-supported by a secure frame
  • Has a high energy efficiency rating and keeps out draughts
  • Is made to measure and fit perfectly into your home
  • Remains solid and firm and is unaffected by winds
  • Comes with a guarantee that covers all aspects of the door and fitting

Be industry tested and approved for general performance as well as weather resistance. As @HumeDoors says: “When choosing your front door one of the most important things to consider is actually the weather.”

What material should I choose for my door?

External doors are available in two common materials: UPVC and Timber.

Timber doors are traditional but still extremely popular. Period styles can be achieved through traditional methods;in most cases, you may find that other materials offer extra benefits and perform better at a lower price point.

UPVC doors are both low maintenance and long-lasting. It’s an excellent all-round material that is also of great value. uPVC is a naturally insulating material, this means both the frames and panels offer excellent levels of energy efficiency.

UPVC doors create an excellent first impression; they appear clean and simple and can be purchased in different finishes to complement the rest of your home. As well as looking great and being energy efficient, they are also highly secure.

Think about door security

When it comes to your home security should be a top priority and choosing a door that has strong locks is important. After all, your door is only as strong as the lock it comes with.

For complete peace of mind choose a door that comes with a locking system that meets the highest British 3-star standard.

Door Style

When choosing a new door you’ll want one that compliments your home and looks the business. Whether it’s a new front door or bi-folding patio doors, there is a huge selection of styles to choose from.

Have a peek at our doors page to get an idea of the door styles available through Unicorn Windows.

Consider door building regulations

Did you know that a door is considered a controlled fitting in building regulation talk? This means it carries standards on what you can and cannot install on your property.

Houses have to be energy efficient so you need to make sure the door you choose meets the minimum U-value.

If any of this is confusing, don’t worry here at Unicorn windows we are on hand to guide you through the door buying process and can answer any questions you might have.