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Decorating and Styling your Conservatory on a Budget

Now that you have got a new conservatory you may be slightly pinched financially when it comes to decorating it.

That’s understandable and anyway, you have all the time in the world to save up for new furniture and furnishings now.

In the meantime, you can invest in a few secondhand finds and add some new fabrics, textiles, paints, and other less expensive items, in keeping with your own style choices. Here are some transformative décor tips here that you may like to indulge in:

Get creative with cushions

If you’ve had the same cushions lying around for ages now and are quite frankly, sick of the sight of them, then change them – easily. Just dye them. And don’t be nervous about it.

As @lizmariegalvan says: “The process is seriously so easy that I want to walk around my house & dye everything in sight. If you have never dyed anything before, do not be intimidated. It’s actually the easiest DIY ever.”

After that, you might want to think about adding some adornments in the form of ribbons, sequence or even embroidering them.

How about sewing on some giant buttons, for instance? If you don’t fancy sewing then there are plenty of iron-on patches out there that you can have fun with.

Cultivate your curtains

By their very nature conservatories have lots of windows so curtains are going to play a big part in your décor plans. If you already have curtains for your conservatory then you can personalise them by adding lace trim or even tassels.

If you have roller blinds in your conservatory rather than curtains then why not brighten them up with a few stencils? You will be amazed at the difference this can make and at so little cost.

Add abstract art

Actually, it doesn’t have to be abstract, obviously it can be any kind of art. The point is it’s fun, you love it and it’s not expensive.

A themed set of postcards in small similar frames and added together in a row or cluster gallery-style can look great – and won’t exactly break the budget.

You might even find some great pictures in a magazine, a book you no longer read, or a wall calendar. We know people who regularly frame wallpaper they love.

Think about throws

Throws have become a bit of a must-have in interior design circles these days. Not only are they great to wrap up in at night when it starts to get cold, but they’re also a fab way to dress up a tired old sofa or favourite big chair.

And, the big bonus is, they’re easy to wash. Just bung them in the washing machine and they’re as good as new again.

Get good with glass

Glass jars and bottles, that is. A brilliant way to recycle and add wildflowers to your conservatory is to use old glass lemonade bottles or jam jars.

This was a wedding table décor trend a few years back and is probably still used for rustic-themed weddings.

Glass is great to use in a conservatory because it reflects the daylight, adding even more warmth and a feeling of lightness into the room.

Don’t just stick with flowers though, fill glass jars with sea glass or shells if you’re lucky enough to live near a beach.

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