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How to decorate windows for the New Year?

Nobody wants to be reminded of 2020 anytime soon. It’s the one year we’re all looking forward to seeing the back of and, as such, there hasn’t been a new year since the turn of the century that people have been more cautiously optimistic about.

Once Christmas has been and gone and you’re left with that awkward yawning void between the festive season and the end of the year, why not take a few hours to rejig your festive decorations and make them feel a little less festive and a little bolder?

Because that’s what New Year’s Eve should be all about.

Use less light

Christmas lights in the window can seem fun around the big day itself but in the days afterwards, you might start to notice they are getting on your nerves.

So, one idea could be to cut back on the flashing colourful lights and focusing on the more subtle and reflective lighting arrangements that better emphasise the winter season in general.

Get nostalgic

We’re all meant to be looking forward at the end of a year, not backward. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the parts of our past that are worth celebrating.

Lend a little nostalgia to your window dressings by giving pride of place to your favourite family photos and decorations that remind you of better times.

Candlelight is the best light

There is nothing quite as relaxing and calming as candlelight and it has an oddly ethereal glow when viewed through wet windows.

So, this New Year, consider getting a few candles out and decorate your windowsill. But remember to put them out before you go to bed.

Recycle your Christmas decorations

The most popular Christmas colours are green, red, silver, and gold. These are all colours that compliment natural colours.

Why not take your old baubles and pinecones and repurpose them as something a little less specifically festive?

It’s becoming increasingly popular to use natural elements in festive displays too and these elements can quite comfortably be repurposed as New Year decorations.

Get creative

You don’t need to spend a fortune making your brand new windows sparkle this New Year. You could, for example, draw a picture on the glass by simply taking a small amount of toothpaste and diluting it with water.

What you’ll end up with is a solution that’s easy to draw with and can be wiped off when desired with a little wet kitchen roll.

New year – new curtains

A new set of curtains or blinds can completely transform even the most tired and dilapidated set of windows.

The new year is often a time when homeowners look at ways they can rejuvenate their homes and curtains are the ideal way to frame your windows in a more flattering way.

Go big or go home

If all else fails, just be bold. Blow up some balloons, throw a bunch of vibrant LED displays in the window and make a spectacle of your home. It’s been a crummy year so we’re all allowed a little guilty glamour, surely?