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Whether Patio style, teensy bathroom versions or traditional styled Georgian versions – there are a bunch of ways to dress your windows. And we have noted some of the best ideas right here.

So, whether you can’t see past Roman blinds, just adore shutters, or will be a lifelong curtain fan, read on. You’re sure to find at least a couple of ideas to get you inspired:

Creative curtains

There are a whole host of ways to hang curtains, from flowing floor-skimming drapes to neat 50’s style windowpane skimmers and pelmet-topped pleats. Here are some of the more unusual versions:

  1. Sheer white curtains that don’t just cover the windows but the whole wall as a type of sheer panel
  2. Full floor to ceiling curtains add depth to any room
  3. Match your curtains to your wallpaper for an ‘integrated’ feel and one which will also make your room appear larger
  4. Short curtains hung halfway up the window are functional ie they stop people looking in but they also let in light
  5. Box-pleat ruffles on unlined silk taffeta curtains can add a touch of fantasy to any room
  6. Don’t just have curtains – but a matching pelmet too and really make a feature of your window
  7. Tie up lace curtains ie with knots on the bottom are lovely for a fresh bathroom look – and, more importantly, won’t get wet
  8. Get even fancier and have a stylish lambrequin – without or without drapes
  9. Curtains draped from halfway across the ceiling Bedouin tent-style, provide a very dramatic look for any room
  10. Have both a shade and curtains to really double up on stopping the sun fading your furniture

Beautiful blinds

  1. Venetian blinds are still around. They’re in different shades and the slates are wider (so easier to clean)
  2. Vertical blinds, made from fabric, are more popular than their Venetian predecessor
  3. Rattan blinds are great at letting in a little light while blocking the strongest bit of the sun

Striking shutters

  1. Hurricane shutters can prove to be a great decorative item in themselves – especially when painted in a bold shade
  2. Instead of shutters use the next best thing – a folding screen in front of your windows – to add a luscious touch
  3. Like half curtains, half shutters have a similar effect, but with a wooden country-style touch
  4. Farmhouse shutters look great in a country-style setting, where they are left open against the interior wall @HeyLeanneFord: “Farmhouse shutters allow the occupant to adjust their access to light while also playing up the rustic look.”
  5. Add an awning over the exterior of your windows to really ‘big them up’
  6. Add a patterned film to your window to stop people from looking in and add interest (especially if it’s coloured or a particular design)
  7. Alternatively, get the windows fitted out in frosted glass
  8. Leave your windows without any treatments and benefit from natural task lighting. Great for an industrial kitchen with spotlights to help when it’s dark

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