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Create a feature wall with your windows

Feature walls are a great way of directing attention towards a single point in a room. They can be used to make a creative statement, or make a space more visually appealing. Windows make the perfect starting point when creating a feature wall, because they introduce light to the area. So whether you want to create a feature in your living room, dining room, or bedroom, here are a few ideas to get you inspired…

Artwork and textures

Artwork is a simple – yet effective – way of making a statement. If you have a single window in the centre of your wall, try hanging some carefully chosen artwork either side of it. You could opt for a pair of coordinating images to really tie the room together. If your wall is larger, you may even have two windows. If so, choose one larger piece of art and position it centrally between the two.

Another option would be to decorate the entire wall in a statement wallpaper. Choose something with a bold pattern or even a 3D texture to really make an impression. If wallpaper isn’t your style, you could use paint in a bright, block colour, or invest in a decorative window decal. Whichever approach you choose, decorate your remaining walls with subtlety – ensuring it is your feature that really draws the viewer’s attention.

Fabrics and light

The great thing about windows, is that you can create a feature by using the light they bring in. Glass sliding doors or French windows are perfect for this, as their light will automatically draw the eye toward that area of the room. The view outside will also have the added bonus of making the room feel larger and more open. Turn your windows into a statement piece, by adding some eye-catching drapes or curtains. If your décor is contemporary, choose something in a fresh, vibrant colour. If your style is more traditional, you could opt for a darker, luxurious colour in silk or velvet. You could even add a pelmet and some curtain ties for that added touch of glamour. Light will enhance your drapes during the day and when the sun goes down, they themselves will become the feature.

Decorative glass

To really bring the ‘wow’ factor to your wall, consider using decorative glass in your windows. These days glass can be frosted or sandblasted into almost any pattern you like, making it easy to match with your décor. If you’re a nature lover, you might decide to use a butterfly motif across the panes. If you prefer a more abstract style, you could opt for artistic swirls or subtle stripes. To really make a statement, consider incorporating stained glass into your windows. If a full window is too much for your space, you could use stained glass for only the top panels and leave the reminder of your windows clear. Any of these types of glass will create a feature, not only of the window itself, but also from the light patterns they introduce to your room.

Seats and sills

Window seats are a stylish and practical way of creating a feature wall. If your window has a deep sill, arrange some colourful cushions and throws in the space to create a comfortable seating area. Alternatively, position a comfy chair or bench in front of the window, to create a relaxation area. By turning your window wall into a decorative living space, you’ll automatically draw the eye towards it. If your sill isn’t large enough for a seat, you can still turn it into a feature. Decorate your sill with artwork, plants, decorative bottles, vases, or ornaments. For a personal touch, you could even hang framed family photos around the window, turning your wall into an illuminated family album.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to create a statement with your windows. For more inspiration, check out our windows gallery here.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay