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4 types of parties to throw in your conservatory this spring

One of the best things about a conservatory is its versatility. Some people use theirs as an office, others might turn it into a playroom for the kids. For many people, it’s simply a place to enjoy some peace and quiet. As the weather warms up, the conservatory also makes a great spring party venue. Here are four types of parties you can host in your conservatory this year…

Tea party

The conservatory is the perfect space to host a whole range of tea parties. There are so many fun options to choose from. To create a traditional Victorian feel, use dainty china cups and saucers. Serve milk from a small jug, and sugar in a little bowl. You could even give your guests the full ‘afternoon tea’ experience. To do this, include a tiered cake-stand with finger sandwiches and tiny cakes.

Another option is to serve an English ‘cream tea’. For this, serve tea with scones. The scones should be accompanied by separate bowls of jam and clotted cream. Your guests can then create their perfect cream tea themselves.

Blogger Natalie Hardwick states:

“There aren’t any rules when it comes to the food, but a standard afternoon tea comprises a layer of sandwiches, a layer of cakes and a layer of scones or teacakes. However, you could also throw in pastries, petits fours or biscuits.”

Garden party

As it gets warmer, a garden party is the perfect way to get the family together. Decorate your garden with outdoor fairy lights and tiki torches. If you have trees, you could also hang LED lanterns up, to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Continue the lighting inside your conservatory, making it an extension of your party venue.

Use the garden to play games and the conservatory to serve food and drink. Alternatively, fire up the BBQ outside and create a buffet table indoors, for salads and sides. The conservatory will also give you a ‘plan b’ if it starts to rain!

Dinner party

In previous blogs we’ve talked about the benefits of using your conservatory as a dining room. Naturally, the space is equally perfect for dinner parties! Move your dining table to the centre of the room and lay it with your best dining set. If you want to create a feeling of grandeur, add a centrepiece or some candlesticks.

Alternatively, create a more bohemian feel, using mason jars filled with flowers. There are plenty of options when it comes to food. You could cook three traditional courses and serve them one at a time. Alternatively, cover the table in smaller dishes and let your guests help themselves.

Housewarming party

When you’ve just moved into a new home, it’s traditional to throw a housewarming party. This could be a full blown event, or a small gathering for your close friends. If you’ve recently moved, you may still be in the process of settling in. If this is the case, you may not want to give guests free reign of the house.

Use your conservatory at the party venue and give tours of any rooms you’re ready to show off. Play some music and set up plenty of seating for your guests. Let everyone mingle at their own pace and don’t forget to provide plenty of drinks and snacks.

[Photo by jill111]