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Why your conservatory is the perfect place for a home office during the COVID-19 crisis

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, millions more Brits are now working from home. For those without an existing home office, finding the space and the tranquillity needed to concentrate isn’t easy. Kids, pets, housemates, and other distractions can easily filter into your working day, reducing productivity and making it hard to concentrate.

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, this versatile, multifunctional room could be the home working solution you’re looking for. Offering space, light, and some separation, your conservatory could help get your career back in the fast lane.


Even the smallest conservatory will be large enough to use as a home office. You should be able to fit a desk, chair, and shelves comfortably into the space – giving you the perfect setup to work from home.

What’s more, as conservatories are generally used as occasional spaces – unlike kitchens and living rooms that are always heavily used – you probably won’t be getting in anyone’s way as you sit typing at your desk.


One of the best things about a conservatory is the abundance of natural light in the space. This helps to make conservatories feel bright, welcoming and spacious. Natural light can be incredibly beneficial in a home office.

Regular exposure to natural light has been shown to boost productivity, health and happiness in office workers. It’s also been shown to help improve sleep.

As @NewDayOffice reports, “Workers exposed to natural light sleep longer and better (at home, and not at their desks) than those who aren’t exposed to natural light.”


By their nature, conservatories are slightly separate from the rest of the home. Attached to the living room, dining room or kitchen, they offer the chance to cut yourself off from the rest of the family for the duration of the working day.

This separation can really help to keep your mind focused and prevent everyday distractions keeping you from your desk.

If your conservatory has a door, think about keeping it closed to ensure kids, pets and the sounds of family life don’t distract you from your work.


Turning your conservatory into a dedicated home office gives you the opportunity to create the ultimate work environment. Clean, clutter-free, and designed to suit the way you work, your new home office could help you to get more from your 9-5.

Try to plan the layout of the space to best suit your habits and keep your new office as clean and tidy as possible. Once you’ve got used to your new commute and your new workspace, you’ll never want to go back to the office again.

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