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Types of conservatories explained

Enduringly popular across the UK, “Conservatories enable us to make the most of the garden whether it’s raining or not.”

What’s more, they also add valuable living space to your property and can seriously boost the price of your home. Suitable for a huge range of architectural styles, conservatories are an attractive and cost effective way of adding value and space to your property.

If you’re considering adding a conservatory to your home, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide on a style. From character constructions to contemporary designs, there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to building a conservatory. To help you narrow down your options, here are the key features of the most popular styles on the market.


The Victorian conservatory is the most popular style in the UK. Its universal appeal stems from the fact that this type of conservatory complements almost all architectural styles. Timeless and sophisticated, its classic looks will add instant character to your home. Victorian style conservatories are generally bay fronted and have steeply pitched roofs. Embellishments are normally placed along the ridge of the roof for added detailing and to give your conservatory a period touch.


With its flat front and square sides, the Georgian conservatory has an unfussy look and a bright, airy feel. The gently sloping roof lets in a lot of light, making the room feel spacious and welcoming. A benefit of the Georgian conservatory is its square or rectangular shape. If you’re moving sofas or tables into the room, this can make it easier to fit the pieces of furniture neatly into the space. It also makes Georgian style conservatories ideal for use as dining rooms and living room extensions.

P- shaped

If you want a larger conservatory that stretches across the length of your home, the P-Shaped conservatory could be for you. Like the name suggests, the design looks like a ‘P’ from above, with the longest side adjoining your existing wall. The style generally combines elements of Victorian and lean-to conservatories, ensuring this versatile design looks good on any home.


Simple but effective, the lean-to conservatory is an affordable and stylish design solution. Its clean, straight lines give the lean-to a contemporary look, while the rectangular shape makes the space easy to furnish. Also called sun rooms and morning rooms, lean-to conservatories allow you to create a light, bright and airy space quickly and easily.

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