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Conservatory furniture trends for 2020

Furniture will go a long way to finishing your conservatory and defining its role within your home. Done well, furniture can transform the space and help you to create a room that’s stylish, functional, and full of personality.

If you want your conservatory to be right on trend, finding out about current furniture fashions is key. Here are some of our favourite styles to get you started.

Cane and rattan

Cane and rattan have long been associated with conservatories. And while these attractive materials fell out of fashion for a while, they’re now firmly back on trend. As @HouseBeautiful says, “We’re seeing an uptick across the board in furniture made from materials once reserved for your grandmother’s screened-in porch.”

Rattan tables and chairs, cane sofas and accessories and other furnishings made from these versatile materials are appearing in conservatories across the country.

Match your rattan or cane pieces with bold cushions and colourful soft furnishings to really bring them to life.

 Bespoke pieces

Bespoke furniture can be a real asset to any conservatory. Specially made pieces don’t just look good, they can also help you make the most of your space. A talented craftsperson can design a piece of furniture to perfectly fit your conservatory.

This will ensure it’s the ideal shape and size for your home and that it fits in beautifully with your interior design scheme. Talk to local tradesmen and artisans to find out about the services they offer.


As homeowners become increasingly environmentally aware, the demand for eco-friendly furnishings has grown. These pieces are made from sustainable or recycled materials and finished with environmentally friendly products. If you want your conservatory to be stylish as well as kind on Mother Nature, investing in eco-furniture is a great choice.

There are a number of eco-friendly designers around at the moment offering a choice of attractive tables, chairs, sofas and accessories. Alternatively, you could flex your creative muscles and upcycle an existing piece to better suit the space.

Statement pieces

In general, conservatories look their best when they’re spacious and uncluttered. If you put too much furniture in the room, it can soon begin to feel cramped and unwelcoming.

Keeping furnishings to a minimum will help you get the most out of the space and boost its functionality. If you only have a few pieces of furniture in your conservatory, make sure they stand out.

A statement sofa, or a stylish dining table will create a focal point in your room and help you stamp your personality on the space. If you don’t have the budget for statement pieces, invest in bright, bold cushions and other soft furnishings to add character.

Find out more about designing and furnishing your new conservatory, and learn about the services we offer, by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team.