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Bringing the outside in with a conservatory

The conservatory provides a stunning way to increase the living space available within your home and to bring the outside in, particularly beneficial during the upcoming summer months. Conservatory design has evolved dramatically over the years, and the products you see today are a far cry from the earliest glass houses of the 13th century. With a range of designs now available and, in most cases, installation able to go ahead without the need for planning permission to add an orangery or garden room, fitting a conservatory is more beneficial and straightforward than ever.

For those looking to install a conservatory or refresh their existing sunroom, try embracing the following décor trends and bring the outside in, just in time for summer.

Keep furnishings simple

Letting the view of your garden do the hard work for you is certainly the call of the day when decorating your conservatory. White works particularly well, both as a wall, floor and furniture colour. A minimal colour palette will not only look great but reflect the light that’s flooding into the space, even when met with unpleasant weather conditions outside.

Add some foliage

Creating a calm and beautiful green space within your home may not be a matter of urgency during the summer months. The rising temperatures mean you’re likely to spend most of your spare time outside. However, making your conservatory an extension of your garden, as well as your home, will certainly be appreciated when the cooler months arrive as Henry Street Garden Centre  highlights:

“A conservatory or garden room is where the idea of an ‘indoor-outdoor space’ comes into its own. Flooded with natural light to create a perfect growing environment, it is where the home and garden collide, so bring the garden inside with a collection of pot plants. Choose exotic ones with a structural shape and brighten any empty corners with tall plants that will reach to the ceiling. With their clean and sculptural lines plants help to soften minimal and contemporary spaces. But not only do they look gorgeous, they have also been scientifically proven to help boost our mood, reduce stress and act as powerful filters that purify the air around us.”

Adding foliage to your conservatory is a great way of embracing and enjoying nature indoors all year round. There’s a long list of indoor plants that will thrive in your conservatory or garden room, with palms, rubber plants, ferns and philodendrons particular favourites.

Make the most of those bi-folds

For those looking to bring the outdoors in more literally, harnessing a conservatory design that incorporates bi-fold or multi-fold doors is an excellent option. When the weather’s good, make full use of this stunning feature and bridge the gap between the inside of your property and the great outdoors.

At Unicorn Windows, we supply and install bespoke conservatories. Choose from Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, lean-to and P-shaped to discover a conservatory style that suits your taste, needs and budget. Get in touch with our team today and become one step closer to a cost-effective lifestyle extension.