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Conservatories are a hit with young families

With house prices rising rapidly across the country, more and more people are looking for ways to improve their existing property instead of moving houses. As Virgin Money says “the cost of moving alone now standing at a record £12,000”.

More affordable and far less disruptive than a move, a conservatory can give you vital extra living space and add value to your property. So why exactly are increasing numbers of young people investing in conservatories? And could a glass extension be right for your home?

Affordable living space

With properties in the UK getting more expensive every year, living space is now at a premium. Homeowners who can’t afford to move to a bigger property are looking for ways to improve and expand their existing home, and that’s where conservatories come in as a great option. A lot more affordable than full extensions, a conservatory could give your growing family the space it needs. With many conservatories not even requiring planning permission, they are a fast, and stylish space solution anyone can afford.

Making more of your outside space

There are few things kids love more than being out in the garden. However in the UK, bright, sunny days can be few and far between. A conservatory could help you to make more of your outside space by allowing you to bring the outside in and to connect your garden with your inside living area. Build a conservatory with doors that open wide and you and your family can feel like they’re having fun outside on even the darkest of days. During long summer days, you can keep these doors open until late evening.

Giving kids room to play

If your kids are running out of space to play and have fun, a conservatory could be the perfect solution. Turn your new extension into a dedicated playroom where you can keep all your children’s toys – and mess – contained in one beautifully designed space.

A place for grown-ups

Alternatively, you could keep your new stylish conservatory for yourself and create a grown-up’s haven away from the hustle and bustle of the house. Use minimalist pieces to furnish your conservatory to ensure it’s a relaxing and tranquil place to be. Light it with indirect light for the perfect glamorous evening feel, and next time the kids have turned the volume right up on CBBC or are screaming and shouting, you can simply shut yourself away in your conservatory and relax while you sip on a martini and look out onto the garden.

The perfect solution to modern family life, a conservatory can give you the space you need quickly and affordably. To find out more, or to browse our range of conservatories, take a look around our site today.