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Colour me happy: 3 reasons to choose coloured window frames

With so many designs, finishes and materials out there, choosing the right replacement windows for your property can be a challenge. However, the hardest decision can lie in choosing a window frame colour. We stock double glazed windows in a full range of colours, and there are many reasons to choose coloured window frames.

Let your creativity show

Gone are the days where the window frames have to be white. Now you can enjoy styling your windows with a variety of colourd. Whilst white PVC-U windows can be seen on properties of all ages and styles, flexing your creative muscles and opting for a more colourful approach can definitely pay off.

Taking inspiration from your surroundings is a good idea for those looking to incorporate coloured window frames. Homes by the sea commonly sport blue frames, for instance.

Complement your property inside and out

Your home exterior is an indicator of whether coloured window frames are right for you, as this article from Freshome highlights:

“Depending on the colour and style of architecture of your home you may opt for frames and mullions that lend colour to the exterior of your home. Whether you have wood or metal frames, look to window manufacturers that offer factory colours already infused into the frame material. Choosing an exterior paint colour palette can often be a challenge. Look to the outdoors and neighbouring homes to get a sense of what existing colours are present. Choose a trim colour for your home, and consider using the same colour on your window frames. Many homes choose to have a field colour to their home and two accent colours – one for the trim of their home and one for window frames, doorways, and the garage door.”

Contemporary homes can benefit from bolder colours, like reds, blues and greens. They highlight character and add a touch of creativity to an otherwise moderate structure.

Period homes don’t have to miss out on coloured window frames either. Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes usually work well with clean white frames, but greys and browns work equally well for a classic look.

Enjoy the vast range of colour options

At Unicorn Windows, we deliver window designs in a multitude of finishes and colours. Our box sash windows, open-out casement windows and tilt/turn open-in windows are available in a full range of colours, including: white, rosewood, antique oak, red, blue, green, grey, and dark brown.

Going for a complete makeover? Check out our essential door style guide. Find the windows and doors for your home right here at Unicorn Windows.