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How to clean a white external door

A crisp and contemporary looking white external door looks great on a property. While there are a variety of door colours to choose from, a classic white always makes a good impression. With that in mind, you’ll want to keep it looking as good and new.

However, unlike other colours which can better mask the mud or disguise the dust, it’s easy to see when a white external door gets dirty. It is important to keep on top of cleaning it, so it always looks bright and fresh.

We know there’s more to life than cleaning your doors, but maintaining your door is something you should be doing regularly.

How often you clean it depends on a number of factors but how exactly do you clean a white external door? We’ve share some top tips and hassle-free ways on how to keep your door clean below.

Start simple

First of all, you need to clear away any visible dirt, dust and grime that has collected on your door.

You could use your vacuum cleaner nozzle to do this to get into all the nooks and crannies on the door or a duster if it doesn’t need much dusting. Then, pick up your sponge or cloth and get ready for cleaning.

Mix up a solution

There are several cleaning solutions that work for cleaning a white external door to a high standard. You do not need an expensive solution to get your door sparkling clean.

These include:

  • Washing up liquid and water in a bucket – Using mild washing up liquid with a little water should be enough to clean the door up whilst being gentle on the finish.
  • Vinegar and water, mixed in a spray bottle – Diluted, this polishes up doors a real treat.

As suggested by @TidyMom, this is a better solution if you have some stains that you are struggling to shift.

The vinegar will help break down the stain but do a small bit first to check the solution doesn’t damage the door.

Get Cleaning

Use the cloth or sponge to clean away all the muck and grime before using the water in your bucket to wash the frame.

Then, clean the water, rinse the cloth before going over it again, and dry the door off with a microfibre cloth.

Don’t forget about the hardware

If you have any hardware on your door – perhaps your door knocker or your letterbox – then you’ll want to give it a good clean and a polish tool. Brass polish can buff it up to perfection.

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