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How do you clean commercial windows?

If you own a commercial property, you probably already know that appearances are everything.

Having spotlessly clean windows at your business premises will boost customers’ perception of your business and make you appear more house proud and professional. You don’t want your customers’ first impression of you to be made through a dirty window.

We know that cleaning those huge windows yourself can be a daunting task, so we have put together our top tips to help you clean your commercial windows like a pro:

How often should I clean my commercial windows?

If your commercial business is your shop front then you should consider window cleaning to be part of your weekly cleaning routine. For more industrial properties 2-4 weekly is probably adequate.

How often the rest of the building’s windows are cleaned will come down to your personal preference, the climate you live in and how visible your windows are to your clients.

What should I use to clean commercial windows?

A professional-level squeegee is a must-have item for cleaning commercial windows, You’ll find using one is key to achieving a streak-free finish. Once you have used one you’ll never go back to using paper towels and spray bottles again!

There are many window cleaning solutions on the market, but one of the best is a traditional home mixed solution of around 9 litres of water and a couple of teaspoons of washing up liquid in a bucket, you don’t need anything fancy to achieve outstanding results.

If you happen to be cleaning in freezing conditions, then adding a splash of windscreen wash solution, as you would use for your car, will stop the solution freezing on the window.

How should I actually clean my windows?

Follow these simple steps to get your commercial windows looking squeaky clean:

Once you have prepared your solution for washing up liquid and water in a bucket, start by wiping the window frame with a cloth like a terry cloth or microfiber cloth.

Then move onto the glass, scrubbing all the angles, so you get all the dirt and dust at the edges.

As “@GreatLakesGlas1 said, “Before you clean your window be sure to sweep the frame and vacuum up all the dust and dirt. Once you spray the window cleaner on you will just have a muddy gross mess if you don’t.”

Continue until the window is completely covered in the solution, covering every last inch of the glass.

Next, you want to grab your rubber squeegee and wipe the window until it’s dry. You should hold the squeegee at a 30-degree angle horizontally across the glass to clean it. You can also achieve excellent results by moving vertically too, It’s all down to personal preference.

You’ll want to wipe the blade with a clean sponge or cloth after each stroke to avoid transferring dirt back onto the blade.

Lastly, take a chamois to the edges and corners of the window to remove any water that has got caught under the rubber gaskets.

It’s important not to skip this final touch as later when the water escapes it could leave undesirable streaks that will dry around the edges of the glass.

We are sure after a little practice you and your employees will become pros at cleaning your commercial windows.

Don’t forget there are also plenty of professional services out there that will offer window cleaning that you may find more cost-effective in the long run, in any case knowing how to clean the windows yourself is a valuable skill to have for when it’s required.