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Cladding – boring or brilliant?!

One of the best things about conservatories is that they can be adapted to better suit your home and your lifestyle.

From altering the layout to adding heating and installing blinds to reducing the amount of glazing in the space, your conservatory can easily be tailored to suit your needs.

One way to do this is to add cladding to your extension. Practical and stylish, cladding can help you to make the most of your conservatory throughout the year.

Stamping your style on your conservatory

Conservatories can be fantastic spaces. As @GoodHomesMag says, “With the abundance of natural light creating a calming atmosphere and offering a new perspective on your garden, you’ll want to spend those lazy summer days appreciating the views from the comfort of your conservatory couch.”

In order to ensure the extension really works for you, it’s important you stamp your style on the space. Adding some colour and a few bespoke features to the design will help it to perfectly match your property and really feel like part of your home.


A good way to add a bit of individuality to your conservatory is to use cladding. A stylish alternative to traditional timber board, cladding is low maintenance and incredibly effective.

Once installed, it doesn’t require painting and is very rot resistant. This minimises the number of jobs you have to do around the house and gives you plenty of time to sit back and enjoy your conservatory.

Good quality cladding will help to keep your conservatory in good condition and prevent leaks damaging the structure of the building.

Cladding can also add an extra bit of insulation to the space, helping to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. As the material is very environmentally friendly, it’s a great option for households who want to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum.

Adding an extra touch

As well as being a practical addition to your conservatory, cladding can also be stylish. Available in a range of colours and finishes, it can make your conservatory stand out from the crowd and help you stamp your personality on the space. Good quality cladding is made from a mix of materials including wood cellulose, sand, synthetic fibres, water and cement. This ensures it’s durable and that it continues to look good for years to come.

If you like the idea of cladding but love the look of wood, you can choose a wood-effect finish for your cladding and get the best of both worlds. Alternatively, opt for a bright, bold colour and make a real feature out of your new conservatory.

A great way to add colour and personality to your conservatory, cladding is far from boring. Find out more, and learn about the colours and finishes we offer, by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our expert team.