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Stylish Christmas decorations for your porch

As Christmas gets closer, you’re probably planning on decorating the inside of your home. But have you given much thought to the outside? After all, this is the area that most people will see. Creating an outdoor display will also get your guests feeling festive as soon as they arrive! Here are a few ideas for bringing some stylish Christmas cheer to your porch.

Twinkling trees

Festive plants are a great way to bring some warmth to an otherwise cold outdoor area. One option is to buy a small Christmas tree, just for your porch. Unlike your indoor tree, this one will be exposed to the elements. For this reason, using lots of decorations probably isn’t a good idea.

Instead, wrap some tasteful, outdoor LED lights around it. Another option is to use existing plants from your porch or front garden. A pot plant either side of the front door would look beautiful with some outdoor LED lights. Some people like to use multi-coloured lights, whilst others prefer white. Both are equally festive so it’s really just a case of your personal preference.

A door wreath

christmas-wreath-69130_640A Christmas wreath is a quick and simple way to brighten up your front door. There are so many options to choose from, so you’re bound to find one which suits your tastes. Traditional green foliage always looks lovely. This is particularly festive when enhanced with red berries, ribbons, or decorations.

Another option is to go for something made entirely of decorations. These are often gold or silver and feature plenty of glitter. These days, wreaths don’t necessarily have to be circular. You can find them in many shapes, such as stars or hearts. The options are endless! You could even look online for DIY tutorials and make your own. Whatever style you choose, make sure to secure it firmly to your door, so the wind doesn’t carry it away!

Once you’ve chosen your door wreath, you could extend the theme throughout the rest of your porch. Buy or make some festive garlands to match your wreath and attach them around the top of your door. You could also add some along the front of your porch canopy.

Festive figurines

Little festive figurines are great for adding some fun to your porch. This is particularly good if you have a front door which is set back from the street. The extra distance makes it less likely that your figures will be accidentally damaged by passers by. One popular approach is to create a woodland scene outside your house. This could involve model deer, rabbits, foxes, or other woodland animals. These could be full size, or smaller if you have less space to work with. You could even add some model trees around the edge of your scene to really give it that ‘woodland’ feel. For something more playful, why not use snowmen figures and a Father Christmas? Again, these can be whatever size you like, depending on the scale of your porch.

[Photo by PublicDomainPictures and JamesDeMers]