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Things to consider when choosing the windows for your home

The main purpose of exterior windows is to serve a practical function, however, they can also act as a distinctive focal point of your home. Windows bring in the beauty of the outdoors; creating atmosphere whilst also providing safety and security.

Here are some things to consider when changing or modifying your exterior windows.

1. Choose windows that reflect the style of your home

All properties have an architectural design style, so it’s important that you choose windows which reflect this. Whether you have a modern, contemporary home with large floor-to-ceiling windows or a more traditional Tudor style home with classic diamond-designed windows, look to this as your starting point.

2. What is the main purpose of your windows?

Whilst the primary purpose of windows is to let in light, there are other functions they can provide. Windows may also act as a doorway, as in the case of a folding sliding glass window door which enables access to a conservatory, for example. Alternatively, they can exist primarily as an ornamental feature. So you need to think about how much natural light you want in the room when thinking about how you want your windows to look from an aesthetic perspective.

3. Think about colour

This will also relate to the first point of staying aligned to the style of your home. One idea is to stick with colours that are already infused into the frame material. If you do want to add bold colour to the exterior frames, it’s wise to ask the opinion of a professional, since they will have more comprehensive knowledge of what will work practically and aesthetically.

4. Selecting the right window for the amount of ventilation needed

One of the most important purposes of a window is to let fresh air in and out. So the windows you choose should depend on how much ventilation that room requires. In most rooms you will probably have operable windows (windows that open and close as needed) whereas in others you might have fixed windows.

5. Choosing windows that suit your interiors

You need to remember that it’s all about combining function with how the windows create an experience inside your home. For example, in your bathroom you might want a striking window design that allows light in but which doesn’t provide direct viewing angles from the outdoors. Make the same considerations for each room in your home.

6. Use your windows as an interior talking point

This is definitely a great one for rural homes where there are picturesque views of the countryside which simply must be made the most of! This also applies to homes where the architecture is particularly unique. You can utilise an array of window styles, shapes, colours, and fine details to really enhance the interiors within the rest of your home. For example, bay windows can be beautiful in bathrooms, kitchens and corner areas.

For inspiration, make sure you take a look at the windows we offer and have installed for customers here at Unicorn Windows. We’re always happy to chat if you are looking for advice too!

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