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What colour should you paint your conservatory?

With spring just around the corner, many of us are thinking about ways to refresh our homes. You might have thought about giving some of your rooms a spring makeover. If so, don’t forget about the conservatory. A new lick of paint is a great way to revitalise your space for the months ahead. Here are a few colour scheme ideas to get you inspired.

Nautical tones

Nautical themes are perfect for spring and summer. Look for paints in fresh colours such as blue, grey, white, and green. For a ‘seaside’ look, try mixing blue tones with light, pastel yellows. This will remind you of the sea and the sand every time you walk into your conservatory.

Once your walls are painted, think about your décor. Could your curtains, throws, or cushions do with a nautical update? You could also consider themed accessories, in the shapes of anchors, shells, or starfish. You could even bring some natural elements indoors. A set of pebbles in a vase, for example, would make an excellent addition to a coffee table.

Summer sun

One way to celebrate the coming seasons is by painting your conservatory in warm, sunny colours. Try combining different yellow tones, from light cream to bold lemon. Burnt orange is also a popular colour at this time of year and will transition well into autumn. If you’re feeling really bold, you could even spot test some red paints. Compliment your warm, vibrant décor with plenty of fresh flowers and greenery. These could include small vases of flowers or, if you have the space, larger potted plants. The foliage will help to bring your space to life.

Garden writer and journalist, Nigel Colborn, states: “You can’t accommodate furniture and people in a room resembling a Malayan jungle. However, with well-chosen plants it’s easy to make a conservatory comfortable, leafy and lovely.”

Mix it up

Bright colours can be enhanced by mixing them with neutral tones. One way to do this is to use neutral furnishings and carpets but paint your conservatory walls a bold colour. This could be cerise pink, deep purple, or even lime green. You could create a statement by painting one wall in a vibrant shade and keeping the others neutral. Alternatively, you could paint your walls in neutral tones and use your décor to add a splash of colour.

Do a ‘light test’

If you’ve painted a room before, you’ll know how the natural light from your windows can affect the colour. As a conservatory has so many windows, it’s even more important to spot test in this area of your home. You can do this by buying a small ‘sample’ paint pot from your local DIY shop. Paint a small area on each of your conservatory walls and observe how they look at different times of the day. You may find that when the room is in shadow, the colours look too dark. If this is the case, you could consider going a shade lighter. Likewise, if the colours look too bright in direct sunlight, try something more muted.

We hope you found this article helpful. For more inspiration, visit our conservatories gallery here.

[Photo by 5demayo]