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Fold-sliding or French? Choosing a patio door

Both French and fold-sliding doors fantastic for opening up the space between your home and garden. But which type should you choose? Most modern installations will provide good security and noise/heat insulation, so these are not the deciding factors they once were. Here are some things to consider when choosing between modern French and fold-sliding doors.

Making the most of your space

Thanks to their large glass panes, both French and fold-sliding doors allow more light into a room than standard doors, making the space feel much larger. Fold-sliding doors accomplish this especially well, as they allow you to open up 90% of your wall. However, keep in mind that your doors will spend a lot of time closed, during which time the multiple glass panes will need to be regularly cleaned. If you have a large outer wall, this will mean a lot more maintenance before you can reap the rewards of fold-sliding doors during the summer.

If your outer wall is on the smaller side, French doors may be a better option for you. Whilst their surface area is smaller, French doors will still have an ‘expanding’ effect on any room. Less glass also comes with the added benefit of being easier to maintain.

Keeping things flexible

Installing fold-sliding doors gives you the flexibility to choose the right number of panes for your home. Whilst French doors traditionally have just two panes, fold-sliding doors can be scaled to fit the size of your room. Another benefit of fold-sliding doors is that they often give you the option of a level threshold. As well as looking nice, this is great for households with small children or specific accessibility needs.

Having said this, a level threshold does mean increased risk of water damage. Traditional French doors avoid this problem by being raised above ground level. If you do decide to opt for a level threshold, ask a professional for advice on customising your outdoor area accordingly.

Considering aesthetics

French windows have a classic, timeless feel. If your home features traditional décor or period pieces, then French doors will fit in nicely. Their enduring style also means they’ll look great for years to come, rather than falling out of fashion.

On the other hand, if your home has a more contemporary design, fold-sliding doors would be a good choice. Additionally, the modern appearance of fold-sliding doors opens them up to more design possibilities. If your décor is sleek and minimalist, you might want to try metallic frames. If you prefer the rustic look, then wooden frames would be perfect. You could even opt for a bold colour if you really want make your doors stand out.

We hope you’ve found these considerations useful. Whichever route you decide to take, make sure to do your research and contact a specialist for advice on installation.

(Photo by Pixabay)