Casement or sash: Which is best for my home?

Windows come in all shapes, sizes and styles. As a leading supplier of window replacement we offer a number of design options, each of which can be tailored to your exact specifications. However, the sheer choice available can make it tricky to find the right style for and your home. We recently pitted PVC-U and aluminium windows against each other to help you discover which is right for your home. In this blog post, we thought we’d take a look at two more popular window designs, casement and sash. But which will come out on top?

A diverse range of styles

As one of the most popular window types for UK homes, the casement window is on offer in a large range of designs. If you have a particular window style in mind, remember that anything is possible with casement windows. You can select from different window frame materials, hardware and glazing options. Additionally, you can also customise the frame colour of your casement to better suit your home.

Traditional looks with a modern twist

Synonymous with period properties, sash windows offer a picture perfect, classic look that complements more traditional homes. Sash windows are also increasingly being used in modern homes to add appealing charm. PVC-U windows have evolved dramatically since their invention in the late 1970s. The PVC-U materials that we use today can utilise a number of designs, including the sash style, to unlock an authentic finish that requires minimal maintenance.

In addition to this, sash windows are the perfect space-saving solution. No space is needed around the window to be able to open it, unlike casement windows, which have to open inwards or outwards.

Putting safety and security first

Both casement windows and sash windows provide excellent safety features for the modern day householder when closed. But as the summer season swiftly approaches, the need for increased ventilation will become apparent across every home. So, how do the security credentials of the two window designs compare when open? Read this snippet from SFGate (@SFGate):

“You can open a casement window wider than a sash window, which means that it gives superior air circulation in the hot summer months. If you have a good-quality casement window, you can also leave it cracked open in the winter to keep air circulating and prevent condensation without losing security. The crank mechanism prevents anyone from opening the window from the outside. You can also leave sash windows cracked, but they are easy to open unless you devise some method for securing them, such as installing deadbolts that fit into pre-drilled holes in the frame.”

Keep things energy efficient

As well as providing a more contemporary look than sash windows, casement windows provide better energy efficiency. However, sashes are impressively efficient too. Whilst the tight edging seals mean draught-proofing casement windows is made easier, your choice of glazing could help you find a similar amount of energy efficiency with sash windows. Thanks to their simplistic design, sash windows that have already been installed can be easily draught-proofed to improve their energy rating further.

Do casement or sash windows get your vote? Whatever your preference, we’re here to help with professional installation and access to high-quality double glazed window units.