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Canopies – the effective alternative to a pricey porch

In order to get the most from your home, you need to make both the interior and exterior of your property as usable as possible.

Making your home and garden more usable might mean creating a comfortable seating area on your patio, adding a light conservatory to the property or simply updating the décor, layout and furniture to better suit your needs.

If you want to be able to use your garden more throughout the year, and if you need to add a little shade to your conservatory or large, bi-fold doors, a canopy is a good option.

More affordable and more versatile than a porch, a canopy can enhance both the interior and exterior of your property.

Shading your windows

If your home has large windows or a conservatory, it will probably heat up quickly on a sunny day.

As @offgridnews says, “Solar radiation can pass through glass and heat up the internal air as well as the interior surfaces. Glazing the wall that faces the sun for the most part of the day can bring in maximum heat.”

If you live in a modern property with well-insulated doors and windows, this can result in your living space becoming very toasty on a warm summer’s day.

The best way to prevent your interior from overheating is to shade the windows that are most exposed to the sun.

By preventing the rays from entering your property, you’ll be able to reduce the ambient temperature and keep the space a little more comfortable.

A canopy is generally the quickest and most affordable way of shading windows. Canopies can be designed to cover a large or small area and so can be tailored to suit your property.

Creating an outdoor seating area

Canopies can also be used to create shaded outdoor seating areas. If you like to sit outside but don’t want to be in direct sun, a canopy can help you to create a comfortable space for al fresco dining and socialising.

As canopies can be designed to suit your needs, you can alter the size of the shaded area so that it perfectly complements your garden. As well as helping to shade an area, some canopies are also waterproof. This will help to protect any furniture that’s permanently left out in your garden and protect you from anył unexpected downpours.

Installing a canopy

Canopies are quick and easy to install. In fact, you could have your new outdoor seating area or shady conservatory in just a few days. For best results, it’s always best to use a reliable company with a good reputation for your canopy installation.

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