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Can you use wallpaper in a conservatory? And other decorating questions answered!

As @iwantwallpaper says, “Because of the dual nature of a conservatory, they can often be difficult to style. You need a space that feels like an extension of both the home and garden, creating a natural flow between the two.

Although getting this balance just right isn’t always easy, with a little planning and a touch of creative flare, decorating your conservatory to get the most possible out of the space should be straightforward. Keep reading to find out more.


Wallpaper can completely transform the look and feel of a space. A fantastic way to add detailing, visual interest and patterns to your interior, wallpaper can help you to achieve a completely unique interior design look. Modern wallpaper is suitable for use in conservatories and garden rooms.

Easy to install and easy to clean, contemporary designs are generally resistant to damp and mould and so perfect for use in areas with a variety of environmental conditions.

Think about using wallpaper that features patterns inspired by nature. These prints will help to link the inside of your property with the outside world and will emphasise the unique nature of your conservatory.

Paint vs wallpaper

When deciding between paint and wallpaper, it’s important you weigh up the pros and cons. While paint is quick, easy, and durable, it doesn’t offer the same variety or design potential as wallpaper. However, if you already have radiators or other permanent fixtures in the space, paint may be a more convenient option for your conservatory redesign.

Wallpaper really comes into its own when talking about pattern and design. If you’re going to use wallpaper in your conservatory, you might as well go all out and select something really eye-catching.

Block colour can be more easily achieved using paint, so take full advantage of the potential wallpaper offers to introduce some bold, stylish patterns to the space.

Will wallpaper fade in a conservatory?

Some homeowners shy away from using wallpaper in their conservatories because they’re worried the colours and patterns will gradually fade over time. As conservatories are usually flooded with light, the impact of the sun on the space is something that all homeowners should consider before undertaking any redecoration projects.

Luckily, most modern, high-quality types of wallpaper are specifically designed to be resistant to sun damage. This helps to ensure that your walls look just as good in ten years as they do today. If you’re not sure the wallpaper you’ve chosen is up to scratch, talk to the manufacturer to find out more.

As long as you invest in good quality materials and properly maintain the space, using wallpaper in your conservatory shouldn’t be a problem. Learn more about making the most of these versatile spaces, or get a quote for a conservatory of your own by exploring our site today.