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5 steps to a lighter, brighter home

No one wants to live in a dark and dingy environment. In the gloomy climate of the UK in winter, increasing natural light is a challenge. There are numerous benefits that go hand-in-hand with increasing natural light in your home, particularly for health. Natural light has been proven to make people happier, calmer and more productive.

Health benefits of natural light aside, it also saves energy, as there is less need for artificial lighting use. According to a recent study, more than one quarter of people identified natural light as a must-have in the average family home, so increasing light throughout your home could have a positive effect on your property’s value. Whether it’s the health benefits you are looking to embrace, enhanced property value, or increased sustainability, there are various steps you can take to ensure a lighter, brighter home.

Consider your colour palette

In spaces large and small, your choice of colour palette can have a major impact on the mood of a room. House Beautiful offers some useful decorating tips for a lighter space:

“Introduce lighter colours to your walls by banishing statement wallpaper and dark block colours in favour of a soft shade of white paint. Shades of white will make a space feel brighter as it reflects the natural light entering the room, rather than absorbing it. Avoid using brilliant white paint on walls as it can make a space feel cold, an off-white shade will create a much warmer effect. Another trick is to paint the ceiling a couple of shades lighter than the walls to create the illusion of height and space. Choosing a paint with a satin finish will help reflect the light more than matt paint.”

Don’t forget the flooring

Your floor covering is just as important as your wall and ceiling décor. When selecting a flooring type for a lighter, brighter room, think about how much light your shortlisted options reflect. Wood, ceramic and polished stone floors tend to reflect more light, particularly when compared with more popular coverings like carpet. If you do opt for carpet, keep your colour choice neutral to increase its light reflecting properties.

Keep your outside space trim too

Paying attention to the outside of your home can have a huge impact on the light levels inside. Foliage and trees can quickly get out of control, especially during the summer months. Try to keep on top of garden maintenance, paying particular attention to the greenery that grows around your windows and doors. Your maintenance programme should also extend to the cleanliness of your windows. Check out our window care guide for more tips and tricks.

Accessorise for lighter living

How you furnish your home can make for a lighter and brighter living space. Mirrors are great investments, especially when hung opposite windows and glass doors, as they help to reflect and intensify the natural light coming in through the glass. Removing dark furnishings and replacing them with furniture and accessories in lighter tones is another worthwhile step, as lighter hues add a lighter, airy feel to a room.

Upgrade your windows

Upgrading your windows will have the biggest impact on light levels in your property. As well as enhancing the appearance and security of your home, new windows will transform your living space.

There are many benefits associated with upgrading your windows. Visit our windows page for details or contact our team direct.