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Best home improvement projects that boost the value of your property

If you’re planning on selling your home any time soon, then right now is a great time to do it. That’s especially true if you live in the countryside or a seaside retreat since both are incredibly popular with buyers right now.

Before selling, it’s worth considering embarking on a few home improvements to make sure you maximise the value of your property.

And, even if you aren’t planning on selling, you can still hugely benefit from the improvements yourself. Here are some of our favourite home improvements tips right here:

Get a new combi boiler

It’s not as exciting as installing a new kitchen or bathroom is – but it does make a difference.

And that’s not just in terms of instant hot water and heating either. The higher the energy performance rating of your home, the lower your utility bills will be. Your boiler is a major source of energy.

Install solar panels

And talking of which (energy saving, that is), solar panels are another good way to cut down your energy bills. You can also ‘sell back’ to the grid the energy you haven’t used, ensuring you get a reduction in your next bill.

Upgrade to air source heat pumps. You can always do away with your boiler altogether and opt for an even ‘greener’ alternative with air source heat pumps.

These generate heat (and some have cooling abilities for summer), by retaining heat from the ground and using it when needed.

Replace your bathroom or kitchen

One of the most popular ways for homeowners to add value to their property is by modernising a bathroom or kitchen.

You may have to initially fork out around £3,000 and £5000 respectively, but the walk-in impact is worth it and it should add far more than you’ve spent to your property.

Home improvement guru @sarahbeeny, says: “There are many affordable stores where you can buy new worktops and cabinets, and our research suggests you can update your kitchen for around £2,000.”

Upgrade your windows. If you don’t already have uPVC,  double or triple glazing, then it’s time to do so, right now.

It’s not just that you will be warmer and hear less noise from outside, but there are savings to be made from your heating bill too as sealed windows will retain the heat in your home.

Update your flooring. We don’t look down that much when we’re in our homes, but upgrading the flooring can completely change the look and feel of a room.

Self-coloured, light vinyl tiles or light wood flooring can make a small room appear larger while carpets can add a feeling of cosiness to a large space. Again, this is mostly about the ‘walk in’ factor (although carpets do help retain heat).

Get a loft conversion. This can be costly (£30,000 to £40,000), but according to property surveys, adding an en-suite bedroom in this way can add up to 20% value onto your property. A case of spending money to make lots of money…

Find more home improvement tips and ways to add value to your property take a look around our site.