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Will I need blinds in my conservatory? And other commonly asked questions

For many people, a conservatory is the dream home improvement. It gives you extra space to enjoy with your family, can add value to your home, and provides an oasis for relaxation. 

If you’re considering adding a conservatory though, it’s likely that you have questions. You’ll probably want to know, for example, if you will need to also purchase blinds. In this guide, we’ll answer that question, and the others that you might have whilst you consider your project. 

Are blinds essential? 

Conservatories are made predominantly from glass. As such, blinds can fulfill a few very important purposes. They can provide shade on sunny days, and they can also give you added privacy. If your home is overlooked by neighbours then this may be particularly essential for you. 

While it’s ultimately your own decision, there are many compelling reasons to get blinds for your conservatory. Blinds can vary greatly in price, though there are options for every budget. Many people feel that they make a very sound investment. 

Will it be too cold in the winter?

 You’ll want to get the most out of your conservatory, and be able to use it all year round. Thankfully, there are solutions out there. @ThisIsMoney suggests, “If it doesn’t already, it may be an idea to get blinds installed – this will add an extra layer of protection from the cold. A large rug may also help, as conservatory floors can feel pretty icy in the winter, or even a carpet if you’re feeling brave”. With a little forward thinking, it’s very possible to enjoy your conservatory and make it a cosy haven during winter months.  

What does the build process involve?

Having tradespeople in your home can feel a little disruptive sometimes, even if they’re extremely professional. If you’re feeling somewhat nervous about embarking on a conservatory project because of this then you’re not alone. 

Understanding more about what the process involves will put your mind at ease and help you to make a decision about moving forward. Every build is different and so it’s hard to make generalisations. When you’re working with a reputable trader though, they’ll be happy to answer any questions and thoroughly explain the process. 

How much will it cost? 

The best way to establish the cost of your conservatory project is to get a quote from Unicorn Windows. Prices can vary depending on exactly what you want, and it’s always wise to be fully informed. You can also request a brochure to familiarise yourself with the options and make the best decisions for your needs. There are choices to fit all budgets. 

If you still have questions that are unanswered, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can make sure that you have all the information you need, and we can provide support every step of the way. We’ve been operating since 1994, and will be delighted to share our expertise.