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Why bi-fold doors are perfect for open plan living

Once upon a time, people liked their homes to be compartmentalised. You’d have one room for cooking, one for eating and a separate space for relaxing, with some larger properties even boasting their own libraries, drawing rooms, and smoking rooms.

These days, however, we like our homes a little more open plan. With kitchens flowing into dining areas and dining areas into living rooms, today’s properties often boast large, fluid spaces that are ideal for modern life.

If you’re currently working to make your home more open plan, installing bi-fold doors could help you to achieve your goals. Allowing you to open up your living space and create a real connection between the interior and exterior of the property, bi-fold doors could be the finishing touch you’re looking for.

Bring the outside in

One of the best things about bi-fold doors is their ability to bring the outside in. When fully open, they create a seamless link between your home and garden.

This can dramatically increase your living space and allow you to get the most out of every aspect of your property. As @RealHomes says, ”Bi-folding and sliding doors work brilliantly for creating a link between the inside and outside, as part of a conservatory or orangery, or an open-plan kitchen or dining room.”

Flood your home with light

Another major benefit of bi-fold doors is that, thanks to their large glazed area, they’ll flood the interior of your home with light. Bringing as much light as possible into your interior helps the space to feel larger, brighter and more welcoming.

As they will probably be the main source of natural light in the space, bi-fold doors will maximise the light in your kitchen, dining area, or living space. If you have an open plan layout, this will help to unify the space and make it feel even more connected.


If you love entertaining at home, bi-fold doors are the perfect choice for your property. During the summer months, bi-fold doors allow you to completely open up your living space.

If you have a table and chairs outside you can easily transfer food and drink from the kitchen. What’s more, as bi-fold doors open wide, they make it easy to keep an eye on any kids who are playing in the garden.

Bringing the family together

One of the main reasons homeowners choose open plan living is that it allows them to bring the family together. While one parent is cooking, the other can be watching TV and the kids can be having a snack at the dining table.

Installing bi-fold doors can help to complete this open plan feel by incorporating your garden into your main living area. This will allow you to maximise the feel of space in your home and make your family feel even more connected.

Find out more about the benefits of bi-fold doors, and start shopping for the perfect doors for your home, by exploring our site today.