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Flexible, stylish and eye-catching, bi-fold doors can add a real feature to your property. As @RealHomes says “Bi-folding and sliding doors work brilliantly for creating a link between the inside and outside, as part of a conservatory or orangery, or an open-plan kitchen or dining room.” If you’re thinking about adding bi-fold doors to your property, take a look at these innovative design ideas for inspiration.

Create an alfresco dining area

An alfresco dining area can be a real asset to a family home. Giving you a great spot to relax, socialise and entertain, and increasing the usable space in your home, this outdoor dining area can help you to create the property you’ve always wanted. Add bi-fold doors to your kitchen or dining room to link these spaces to your garden and create an easily accessible dining area. Build a deck or patio for your new table and chairs to make the space stand out.

Create a garden room

Although bi-fold doors are generally added to the main property, there’s no reason they can’t be installed in an outbuilding. If you have a summerhouse or office in your garden, adding bi-fold doors will completely transform the space. If you work from home, or if you want to create a warm, sunny spot for your family to enjoy, this could be the perfect solution.

Maximise your living space

Thanks to their innovative design, bi-fold doors open up wide. This can allow you virtually to remove an entire wall of your property and open it to the outside. As well as letting a huge amount of light into your home, this allows you seamlessly to link your interior and exterior.

Maximise your living space by making sure your indoor flooring is level with your outside patio or decking. If possible, try to install the same, or similar, flooring in both areas. This will help the space to flow and give the impression your home is much bigger than it is.

Build a balcony

Bi-fold doors are commonly added to ground floor areas like dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms. However, they also work very well when installed on the first floor. If you want to add a real wow factor to your master suite, build a balcony off the room and install bi-fold doors to access it. Not only will this look fantastic, but it will also make the room a great place to be in the summer months when you can throw the doors open and let the sunshine in.

Internal doors

Last but not least, bi-fold doors can be used to make internal divisions in your home. If you want to create separation between a dining and living area or a living area and home office space, installing bi-fold doors will allow you to clearly define areas without blocking light and while retaining maximum flexibility.

Learn more about bi-fold door design, and find the doors that are right for your property, by exploring our site or talking to a member of our team.