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The Best Plants For Your Conservatory

Whilst conservatories afford us the wonderful opportunity to have a place to fully enjoy the benefits of the sun, their original purpose was to allow us to grow a plethora of house-plants.

The benefits of having plants in your conservatory

Although plants are often implemented to improve our abode’s aesthetic, they also provide benefits in terms of mental wellness, positively affecting mood, stress, and productivity.

They can also provide physical benefits as well, making the air inside our house cleaner by reducing toxins (such as Benzene and Formaldehyde) and improving our oxygen and humidity levels.

Why grow plants in your conservatory?

The main attraction of growing plants within a conservatory is being able to have a grand garden at your fingertips, making your house come alive.

The highlight of a conservatory garden however is the ability to control temperature and ventilation, allowing us to keep our favourite plants all year round. If done right, we can keep a steady temperature of ‘19˚C – 20˚C’ which is great for maintaining a ‘micro-climate’.

So which plants are best?

The burning question! An important rule when selecting your conservatory plants is to ensure they are not lovers of the shade. Conservatories are built to supply direct sunlight, so these are the plants we want to focus on.

The greatest examples we can offer are cacti and succulents.

Cacti are wonderful conservatory plants, being lovers of bright light and hot temperatures, whilst requiring minimal watering.

Small cacti can be largely inexpensive in the grand scheme of things, allowing you populate your conservatory with ease.

Succulents are a broad term, encapsulating plants that have thick leaves and great water storage.

Much like cacti, succulents are great lovers of warmth and plenty of light, requiring little watering. This makes them another excellent addition to the conservatory family.

Looking for a bit more colour? There are plenty of options available!

The Mandevilla flower is regarded as a great addition to conservatories. They have a very vibrant tone and are often red-pink. In the right conditions, they can thrive in your home, particularly with heightened humidity.

Strelitzia (also known as the Bird of Paradise flower) is another strong contender. Its flowers are promised always pack a punch. They come in an array of stunning colours including orange, blue, yellow, and red.

Perhaps you’re looking to provide a pièce de résistance to your conservatory; look no further than plants such as the sago palm.

This particular plant is known as a Cycad, but its cones and foliage are what lends to its name and appearance. The sago palm is a common houseplant, particularly in places with mild temperatures and protection from harsh winters.

Conservatories offer plants like the sago palm a perfect place to display itself in the UK, by providing it with correct conditions and plenty of natural sunlight.

If you feel inspired to create an indoor garden of your own and add that unique spark of life to your home, take a look at our conservatory examples here.

Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 092 5212 where we will be happy to help with anything you need.