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Home improvements that make the biggest impact

It pays to enhance your property. Estate agents have been saying it for years, but recent research has proven this old adage. A new study has revealed that making improvements to increase your property’s kerb appeal could add up to £55,000 to your home’s value. Whether you’re planning to sell or improve your property for yourself, it’s a good idea to know which home improvements offer the biggest bang for your buck. In this post, we explore how to enhance your home for the better – and enjoy a future payoff into the bargain.

Increase internal space

Adding extra rooms to both the upstairs and downstairs of your property may not be the simplest and most affordable improvement. Yet increasing internal space is still the top way to make healthy returns on your investment. It’s not just a traditional extension or loft conversion that has the potential to improve living standards within your home. The addition of a conservatory also provides the increased amount of space attractive to property buyers.

There are a number of conservatory styles to choose from, making the addition of a conservatory suitable for all property types. As well as providing an increased amount of space; a good return on investment and a great source of light, a conservatory is an excellent addition for all seasons. The Oliver’s Madhouse shares the details:

“During the summer months, many of us enjoy sitting outside with a cold drink, doing nothing more strenuous than reading a book and enjoying the scent of flowers and the sound of the bumblebees. For the majority of the winter, however, there’s very little to enjoy about sitting outside in your garden, when it tends to be cold, wet and windy most days. A conservatory, with its glass exterior, is the perfect way to make sure that your garden doesn’t become off-limits come the colder months. Choose its location properly, and you could have a gorgeous view across your outdoor space even in the deepest depths of winter.”

Head outdoors

The outside of your home should create a great impression every time. Thankfully there are a number of affordable, quick fixes you can make to enhance your property’s external appearance. Taming foliage in the front and back gardens of your home is one task that takes less money and more time. A lick of paint to external walls; fixtures and fittings can also make a huge difference and a big impact. In fact, a House Beautiful survey revealed that almost a third of British people would pay 25% more for a freshly painted property.

Those looking for the ultimate exterior renovation may want to consider replacing the windows and doors of their homes. Replacement windows and doors not only provide a beautiful finish, they offer the energy efficiency and security homes should (but often don’t) provide as standard.

Look to the floor

Your floors are another, often overlooked, aspect of your property that can boost value. The coverings throughout your home need a little love. Upgrades in this area will be appreciated by onlookers. Worn carpets; damaged tiles and poorly maintained wood floors are not only an eyesore, the cost of replacement can put buyers off. Refurbishing wood floors is something you can do yourself. Alternatively, professionally installed new carpets can add to your home’s fresh and modern look.

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