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5 benefits that go hand-in-hand with upgrading your doors

Here at Unicorn Windows, we understand that the look and feel of your home is important. Over the years, the features, fixtures and finishes you initially loved can begin to show their age. That’s where our window and door designs come in! A property’s doors in particular deliver that all-important first impression to those visiting your home. There are many reasons why upgrading your front door, back door and patio doors can be beneficial. Read on to find out more about the benefits that go hand-in-hand with upgrading your home’s doors.

1. Ensure your home looks the part

As we’ve mentioned, the appearance of the exterior of your home is just as important as its look and finish inside. The patio doors or back door to the rear of your property provide a fitting welcome to the outside space of your home. Your front door also plays a starring role in defining your home’s kerb appeal as described here by House Beautiful:

“No matter if your property has a large, medium, or minimal sized approach, making your front door a focal point will always create great kerb appeal, as well as providing added security and performance to meet the demands of modern life. Choose a front door that will keep with the overall design of the home. For example, an oak design offering a natural look or glazing panels to create more of a statement feature and contemporary look.”

The increased kerb appeal thanks to your new doors could also enhance the value of your home, as buyers tend to pay a premium for better looking properties.

2. Enjoy even better insulation

While the summer months provide the rising temperatures we need to remain comfortable in our own homes, come winter time, it’s an entirely different story. New doors at the front and back of your property will provide the insulation you need to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s not just improved thermal insulation you’ll enjoy. New doors unlock numerous energy efficient, sound insulating advantages.

3. Keep unwanted intruders at bay

Domestic burglaries do happen, and troublingly victims of burglaries only manage to recover 9% of the property taken. With the right design and professional installation, your new doors can provide an admirable defence. New doors with modern day security features, such as multi-point locking, high-security door cylinders, and frame reinforcement, will safeguard you and the belongings within, and may even act as a deterrent.

4. Invest in a home improvement that lasts

Unlike many trend-heavy home improvements, a new door is a home enhancement that will stand the test of time. Your new doors will last for decades and provide a cost effective and affordable solution that unlocks many more advantages, not just the ones mentioned in this blog post.

5. Discover designs that complement your personality

There are countless door designs to choose from, meaning you can not only find a look that complements your home, its style and age, but select a design that portrays your personality. In addition to being accessible in a number of designs and colours (including standard and bespoke), our customers can choose from an array of handles, hardware and other door furniture to complete their look.

Become one step closer to a better looking, more secure and more comfortable home by reading our guide to picking the perfect door. You can also check out our door brochure for details of our latest designs.