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Open up your home with sliding doors

You might feel that your living area or kitchen is looking a bit dull and in need of some refreshment – or you have a scenic garden that is obscured from view. With the implementation of different styles of doors, these problems can easily be rectified.

These issues can often stem from the lack of windows in the home. The more light you allow in, the bigger and brighter the room will appear. Blocking light will create a more confined and often less inspiring space. Furthermore, doors and/or windows that allow you to see your garden or the outside landscape from inside your home will immediately improve the environment.

There are a few options that will enable you to achieve this. You could create a window space in a wall, but the most affordable option is probably to replace your room entries and exits with sliding glass doors. These doors have the benefits of providing windows and they’re also ideal for easily accessible entrances onto decks, gardens or patios.

The Various Designs

Sliding glass doors have certainly evolved aesthetically over the last decade. You no longer need to be concerned about them appearing chunky and with plastic panes and trims. You also need to consider the look you’re going for; for example, do you want multiple doors joined together for something statement? Or would you prefer smaller and subtler doors? The materials you could select include aluminium, wood, metal, or fibreglass, which is also a design element to consider. There’s also the option to have your doors top-hung from the entryway. This will help prevent dirt, leaves, or debris coming into the house.

Function and Protection

Obviously, doors play a big role in home protection and security. Sound and noise insulation is also a big issue for many homeowners.  If this is something you want to take into account, you can choose to install double pane doors. These will better soundproof your home from outdoor noise.

From an energy saving perspective, you could also layer your doors by installing two doors with a small gap of air between them. This will create additional security, as well as a natural form of insulation. This is turn will decrease your utility bills. There is a common misconception that sliding glass doors let out heat in the winter and increase the temperature during hotter months of the year. However, this can be avoided if you buy appropriate weather stripping and insulated glass as well as if you invest in glazed glass with a low-E coating.

So here we have explored some of the benefits of installing sliding glass doors into your home; ideal if you are looking to make the most of the outside scenery, create easy access to your garden or patio, brightening up the room and creating the illusion of more space; making it more of a focal point of your home.