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5 Benefits of skylights and roof windows

From cosy attic bedrooms to contemporary apartments, roof windows and skylights are hugely popular. Roof windows traditionally protrude from the surface of a sloping roof. Skylights on the other hand, fit directly into the angled ceiling. Both types of window can completely reinvent a living space, and here are just a few reasons why…

Beautiful views

Nothing beats a roof window for amazing views of your local area. Whether it’s rolling hills or an urban landscape, seeing things from a higher vantage point can be very relaxing – even breathtaking. It will also give you a new perspective on your area. It’s often difficult to see everything from street level because of all the buildings. However, from a roof window you can see it all– you might even discover some new places to visit! To get the best view from your windows, it’s important to keep them clean. Avoid letting dust and debris build up by giving them a wipe down once a month.


Bedrooms are always a popular room for installing skylights – and with good reason! Weather permitting, a skylight above the bed provides an unobstructed view of the stars. Some models can even be opened, making the night sky feel even closer. There’s a certain romance to sleeping under the stars, but sky views aren’t just for grown ups. A lot of children are fascinated by space, so why not install a skylight in their room? You never know – the idea of stargazing could suddenly make bedtime a whole lot more appealing!

Increased privacy

Traditional ground floor or first floor windows typically face out onto neighbouring houses. As a result, we rely on curtains or blinds for privacy. The height of roof windows and skylights prevents the neighbours from seeing into your room. You may even find there isn’t a need for curtains at all. This is a great way of getting more light into private spaces such as bedrooms or bathrooms. If you’d still like the option of a window blind, there are many designs available in the shops. Alternatively, why not look for some DIY tutorials and try making your own?

More natural light

Natural daylight can make such a difference to the feel of a room and many of us wish we could get more of it. Windows positioned on the sides of a building will only see the sun at specific times of day. We therefore miss out on the hours in between, when it passes over the top of the house. Due to their upward facing angle, skylights allow you to follow the sun as it makes its journey across the sky. If you have a sloping roof, you could even think about installing one on each side. As a result, you’ll enjoy much more light per day. If your bedroom is in the roof, you’ll also have the bonus of waking up to natural daylight. This is particularly nice when enjoying a lie-in at the weekends!


Both skylights and roof windows can add a unique sense of style to a room. Skylights tend to have a distinctively contemporary look. Many feature a chic, minimalist design, and some can even be opened and closed electronically. Roof windows can look equally modern but also have a cosy appeal. They’re often built into sloping ceilings, creating the perfect space for a window seat or reading nook. Both are available in a wide range of designs, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect style for you.

We hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our windows gallery here.

(Photo by Pixabay)