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The benefits of natural light in the home

Natural light makes a home more aesthetically pleasing and unlocks a variety of health benefits. According to new research gathered for Homewise, a campaign run by the Royal Institute of British architects, natural light is more important than we first thought. The same survey revealed that 63% of homeowners saw natural light as the most important aspect of a home.

Whether you are the owner of a modern home or a period property, natural sunlight should be a priority. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the benefits from filling your home with natural light.

A lighter house for a healthier home

Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, and exposure limits the production and presence of bacteria and other harmful organisms. Sunlight’s antibacterial properties have a direct impact on your health, increasing vitamins B and D within the body, stimulating appetite and digestion, improving circulation, and boosting immunity.

As well as enhancing endorphins (the brain’s ‘feel good’ chemicals), exposure to natural light increases serotonin production, an important chemical that influences mood, social behaviour, memory, function and sleep.

Improved productivity in all environments

The presence of natural light isn’t just beneficial in our homes. Many studies have reported the positive effects of natural light within commercial and educational environments, as this article by NC State University describes:

“A study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology found that employees working in natural light recorded higher levels of energy than those working under artificial light.  Another study showed 40 percent higher sales at checkout counters located beneath skylights. This data confirms what many studies have shown: natural light leads to enhanced productivity.”

The presence of natural light reduces fatigue, a process that helps increase focus, attentiveness and productivity. Limited exposure to sunlight has also been linked to depression, so your home will not only be more productive but happier, too.

Safe, sustainable and cost effective

It’s not just your health and well-being that will be improved thanks to the presence of natural light, your house as a whole will be safer, more sustainable and cost effective.

Having a lighter, brighter home will reduce utility bills, particularly if your windows and doors are draught proofed. With energy efficient windows and doors comes increased sustainability. This means the planet will also benefit from your more economical use of electricity and gas.

In simpler terms, natural light will make your home a safer place to navigate. It helps you to prevent slips, trips and falls, particularly for family members with poorer eyesight.

How can you boost natural light in your home?

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