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The benefits of front door canopies

At Unicorn Windows, we have a wide selection of high quality front door canopies, built to last and work with any style of architecture your property might have. While a door canopy can really help to improve the aesthetic appeal of the front of your home, there are multiple functional benefits to having one installed too.

Weather protection

There’s nothing worse than going to someone’s house and being kept waiting at the door while it’s pouring down with rain. Sheltered underneath a canopy, your house guests will be protected from both the wind and rain. With the protection of a canopy, it’s a lot easier to take out and put away your umbrella/house keys/car keys – particularly if the wind is ferocious and it’s chucking it down.

Excellent build quality

Our GRP (glass reinforced plastic) canopies are highly durable and require minimal maintenance, giving you and your guests protection from the weather for as long as you need. A simple clean with a sponge and soapy water every now and then will ensure your canopy stays looking exquisite for the long haul. Additionally, because of the high quality materials used, our GRP canopies are not susceptible to rot – unlike traditional canopies.

Aesthetic appeal

The porch is the portal to the home, and first impressions count. Whether you’re looking to impress visitors or sell your home, a front door canopy can do wonders for the curb appeal of any property. A porch with a canopy looks much more inviting and luxurious than one without; if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to boost the value of your property, a front door canopy just might do the trick.


The interior of the canopy is an excellent location for a lighting system. Using a sensor to detect when a person approaches the property, an illuminated porch area is vastly beneficial for those occasions when you’re trying to find your keys late at night. A well lit porch also helps to avoid any unpleasant accidents when walking to your door. Additionally, a canopy with a lighting system can also serve as a deterrent to any unwanted guests who happen to come across your property during the night.

Stylistic flexibility

Our GRP canopies are designed to mimic an array of different materials, making them appropriate for both traditional and modern homes (and even commercial properties too). While our standard GRP canopies are highly acclaimed, we also offer bespoke canopies for those who want to give the front of their property a unique touch.

Selecting the right canopy

A canopy can make a huge impact on the first impression of your home, so it’s important to get it right. If you are considering purchasing a canopy, please get in contact and we’d be happy to offer our advice on which product would be the right choice for your specific needs. Our canopies are easy to install and are guaranteed to completely transform the front of your property for the better.