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Stylish ways to maintain privacy with bathroom windows

With summer on the way, we’re all happy to see sunshine pouring through our windows again. Bathrooms are a particularly great place to enjoy natural light whilst also being one of the most private spaces in our homes.

So how can you get the most light from your bathroom windows without sacrificing privacy? Here are five stylish solutions to give you the best of both worlds…


Frosted glass is one of the most popular forms of ‘obscure’ glass, and with good reason. The ‘frost’ effect is created through techniques such as etching or sandblasting, which transforms the glass from clear to translucent. This has the effect of blurring the view without blocking out any light. The appearance of frosted glass makes it ideal for use in bathroom windows; it provides a degree of privacy, whilst bathing the room in sunlight. To get even more from your windows, try frosting only the bottom half. You’ll obscure the line of sight from below, whilst retaining a clear view of the sky.


Unlike its frosted cousin, textured glass is often clear. The ‘texture’ is created from raising and indenting the surface of the glass to create a 3D pattern. As a result, light is deflected to the point where the view through the glass is obscured. Textured glass is available in almost any design you can imagine, from abstract patterns like waves or stripes, to themed designs such as flowers or leaves. As well as preventing people from seeing into your bathroom, textured glass windows also turn your view into a piece of art. As sunlight shines through the 3D bumps and swirls, you’ll see a beautiful abstract pattern, created from the colours outside.


If you enjoy creating a theme through your décor, then patterned glass would be a great choice for your bathroom windows. In this case, the patterns are created through combining sections of frosted and transparent glass to form a specific design. Just like textured glass, the design options are virtually unlimited. If your bathroom has an aquatic theme for example, you could use a wave pattern, or bubbles. If you prefer images of nature, some decorative leaves and branches would be perfect. Choose a design that fits with your style and enjoy all the light of a traditional window, with the privacy of frosted glass.


For the ultimate in colourful exuberance, nothing compares to stained glass. Particularly well suited to the bathroom, stained glass will cast beautiful patterns on your walls and floor, as you brush your teeth in the morning. For an eclectic look, try coordinating multiple colours with your bathroom décor. Alternatively, keep the room a clean white and use an accent colour in your windows. Keep in mind that darker colours will create a greater level of privacy, whilst light colours will let in more sun. If you prefer light colours, consider using glass that has been textured or frosted, as well as stained.

We hope you’ve found these suggestions useful. If you’ve been inspired to get creative in your own bathroom, don’t forget to check out our range of windows.