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Avoid these common conservatory problems

A conservatory can make a fantastic addition to any property. Increasing usable living space, and giving homeowners increased flexibility, a conservatory could be just what you’re looking for.

The best way to ensure your new extension perfectly complements your property is to put time and thought into the planning process. The more effort you put in at this stage, the more likely you are to get it just right.

Failing to consider your ground floor layout

If your conservatory is going to complement your home and enhance your lifestyle, it needs to be an integral part of your property.

Thinking about how the space is going to operate with your existing ground floor layout will ensure your new conservatory really works for you.

As @HouseBeautiful says, “The most successful conservatories flow seamlessly with the entire ground floor to provide truly flexible living space.”

Forgetting your furnishings

It’s important to think about how you’re going to use the space before designing and building your conservatory. If you haven’t decided on the function of your new space, you may struggle to furnish it once it’s complete.

If you’re going to use your extension as a dining area, make sure there’s enough room for your table and chairs. If you want your conservatory to act as a home office, provide a wall, and if you want it to be an area for socialising, make sure your sofas can fit in comfortably.

Underestimating the heat of the sun

As they’re made largely from glazed materials, conservatories can heat up quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. While this can be fantastic in the winter months, during the summer you’ll probably want to keep the temperature down. When installing your conservatory, talk to your chosen supplier about your options.

Some conservatories come complete with built-in blinds. This will allow you to block out the sun and keep the space nice and cool. Good ventilation will also make a big difference, so make sure you can easily open all the windows in the space.

Forgetting the insulation

During the winter months, your conservatory will need to be kept nice and toasty if you’re going to make good use of it. There are a number of simple ways to keep your conservatory warm in the winter months.

One of the most effective ways to keep out the cold is to ensure there are no air leaks in the space. Choosing a high-quality conservatory, and a trusted installer, is the best way minimise draughts. Installing blinds or curtains will further insulate the space and premium glazing will also help keep the cold out.

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