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Although the summer holidays are in full force, you can’t help but notice that the nights are beginning to draw in, and early mornings and evenings seem a little cooler. It can only mean one thing – Autumn is just around the corner. Now is the time to think about ways to cosy up your home for the coming season with the rustic, mellow tones of a new season.

Just the thought of autumn can conjure up ideas of snug nights in front of the TV, with the wind and rain lashing at the windows. It’s easy to imagine a walk in the woods with the leaves falling around you, Halloween and Bonfire Night not far away. Autumn is the time when you can bring the outdoors indoors, making your home feel warm and inviting for the new season. What’s a great way to embrace the season? Your windows are an ideal focal point for an autumnal theme.

Colours and fabrics

When considering colours for your Autumn window make-over, think about the season’s colours. The colour palette of autumn is chocolate browns, rusty oranges, russet reds as well as shades of grey, cream and gold. By early October the cooler weather will have started to set in, so make sure you’re ready to beat the chill by choosing heavier curtain fabrics. These will keep out drafts. Use lined curtains to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Don’t be afraid of patterns. Tartan or chequered patterns, even tweeds look great in autumn – but stick to natural, muted, or earthy tones. Maybe try curtains with a theme, or perhaps some falling autumn leaves or wildlife.

Autumnal delights

Autumn is nature at her best! When it comes to decorating your windows, you will be spoilt for choice. Create beautiful autumnal floral displays – or instead of flowers, use sprays of maple and oak. Decorate your windows with fabric leaf garlands. For your window sill maybe fill a bowl with conkers, acorns and pinecones. For your room add a few seasonal candles; Yankee Candles have a great selection of ‘fall’ themed candles that will make your home smell gorgeous, such as Autumn Glow, Bourbon Wood Barrels and Warm Autumn Evening.

Completely change the feel of your room by investing in a few cosy throws, comfy cushions and subtle lighting. have some great tips on creating warm autumnal lighting, “When it comes to lighting, one type of light makes a room feel stark and unloved. Beautiful lighting uses a variety of floor lamps, table lamps, statement pendants and candlelight to create depth and interest.  Try pairing two of the same lights to create a sense of balance or mix and match a characterful floor lamp with a statement table lamp to make maximum impact.”

If you are feeling creative why not try these ideas from Beautiful Home and Garden, “Jack-o-lanterns add a spark to your autumn-inspired decor, but this time, the faces and fancy carvings aren’t necessary. Simply cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin, scoop out the insides, and place a candle inside the cavity to create a warm fall light. Try different sizes of pumpkins and surround them with gourds and other pumpkins to complete the arrangement. Or create a ‘garden garland’, knot mini pumpkins and fresh fall leaves onto a length of twine to create a harvest-theme window swag.”