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We all want our homes to be a private space where we can feel safe and protected. Part of that feeling comes from knowing that our front and back doors are secure. Here are a few suggestions for how to improve the security of your doors – helping you sleep a little bit easier at night.

The two-door system

It may sound like a basic system, but creating a double door entryway can increase the security of your home. Two doors means an additional layer of protection between you and the street outside. It also means double the amount of locks and bolts for a potential intruder to overcome.

Some double door entryways are like a seamless extension to the front of the home. Others are made from a secondary material such as glass, providing a view through to the main front door. Some people use this visibility as a deterrent, whilst others prefer more privacy. Either approach will come with its own pros and cons, so this is really down to your personal preference.

Use a peephole

A great way to improve the security of your home is to install a peephole. Also known as a ‘spy hole’, this is a small glass lens, fitted into the door at head height. The glass is constructed so that it’s easy to see out but difficult to see in. This allows you to see who is outside your house, before you decide whether to answer the door.

It’s a great option if you are expecting a visit from a friend but want to make sure it’s really them at the door before you open it. For added privacy, look for a peephole with a cover on the inside. This will prevent anyone from using a reverse viewer to look back through the lens.


Letterboxes are a key area of vulnerability on front doors. They can be used to access things within reach of the door, or even to unlock less secure locks from within. One way to help prevent this is by positioning your letterbox correctly. The official site of the Metropolitan Police suggests fitting your letterbox no closer than 400mm from the door lock.

It’s also advisable to keep any keys or valuables well away from the door area. For added security, consider installing a second flap or brush on the inside. This will limit the access and also obscure the view through your letterbox.

Door chains and multi-point locking

The door chain is another simple but effective security measure. Like the peephole, this allows you to manage any visitor interactions while you’re at home. The chain sits inside, between the edge of your door and the doorframe. One end is permanently fixed, while the other can be latched and unlatched. When the chain is in place, the door can only open a few inches. This allows you to speak with whoever is outside, without fully opening the door.

While door chains are a useful feature, they aren’t the most robust choice. Therefore, it’s sensible to use them alongside other security measures, such as multipoint locking. Multipoint locking uses a combination of latches and bolts within one door. A single locking action secures them all simultaneously, making this a convenient security measure.

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