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Could the air within your home be affecting your skin?

Most people know that breathing polluted air is bad for your health. Standing close to busy roads, airports, and other places with high emissions can make us feel a little anxious. For people with conditions like asthma, it can have even more of an impact.

However, while we’re all aware of the quality of the air outside, most of us don’t think about how clean the air is inside our homes. The air that’s inside your property is more stagnant than the air outside.

Moreover, it also contains toxins emitted from things like paint, air fresheners and cleaning products. If you’re not careful, this polluted air can react with your skin and cause acne, hives and other issues. Keep reading to find out more.

What causes air pollution in the home?

The air inside your home could be full of toxins. As @besthealthmag says, “According to experts, the average home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside.”

The most common residential indoor pollutants include excessive moisture, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), combustion products, radon, pesticides, dust particles, viruses, and bacteria. If you have any of these present in your home it could be causing you a range of health issues including bad skin.

While not everyone will suffer bad skin as a result of pollution inside the home, those with allergies and sensitivities might.VOCs, in particular, have been shown to disrupt the skin barrier, promote inflammation and lead to free radical damage. This can result in acne, hives, rashes, dermatitis, wrinkles, and eczema.

How to improve the air quality inside your house

There are a number of ways to improve the quality of the air inside your home. For a start, if you live in a rural or semi-rural area, you should try to open your windows as often as possible. This will help the air to circulate through your property and clear the space of harmful toxins.

If your existing windows aren’t easy to open, investing in high-quality replacements will encourage you and your family to get more air circulating around the house.

If you live in a polluted area, an air purifier will help you to keep your home toxin-free. Efficient to run, these handy appliances remove a range of impurities from the air to leave your home safe and healthy.

Using cleaning chemicals that release fewer VOCs, and looking for paints and accessories that are specifically designed to be low in VOCs, will help to minimise the harmful toxins in your property.

Another good option is to vacuum your space as often as possible. Vacuuming sucks pollen and other impurities out of the air to leave your home feeling fresh.

Learn more about the importance of air quality, and find out how our windows can help improve your home, by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team.